3 Reasons To Get IT Support For Your Small Business NOW

Computer repair

When you’re just starting your business, it can be very tempting to run on a skeleton crew of sorts and neglect hiring staff you feel are not essential. For example, many companies don’t bother with IT support–until some disaster strikes. Often though, these technical disasters are costly lessons that could have been avoided had IT support been on staff to execute a few preventative measures. Below are three reasons you should consider hiring IT support for your growing business:
1. Cyber Crime
Cyber crime is everywhere and takes many forms. Sometimes, it’s an anonymous comment with threatening or bizarre undertones left on facebook. Other times, it could be an angry employee stealing valuable corporate information before they leave your business or a concentrated attack by a virus designed to steal your banking information. Whatever form cyber crime takes, with cyber criminals in over 200 countries world wide today, you’re almost guaranteed to fall under their attack at least once. With proper computer services in place, you stand a better chance of defending yourself and your business from harm.
2. Data Protection
Nearly 50% of small businesses say that they don’t even bother backing up or saving their data. This means that if you are the victim of cyber crime or there’s a network malfunction, you could lose valuable information integral to your operations. Proper IT management can ensure your systems have a saving mechanism that is regularly used, and help with network repair should a hurricane or other misfortune befall your set-up.
3. Computer Repair
Computers are a lot like staplers. We take them entirely for granted until we go to use them and they simply do not work. Then all of a sudden it’s a huge emergency if we can’t turn the computer on-or find the box of staples. Don’t let your computer run out of staples. AKA, don’t wait until the hardware is totally fried or someone trips over a power chord and breaks it before calling in IT support, not unless you want to waste time, money, and worry lines trying to muddle through fixing it yourself.
Please comment below with suggestions for good IT support companies, or funny anecdotes about ways you improvised without them! We are always looking for some supporting evidence.

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