Tips for Making Your Own Custom Portable Power Supply

If you are interested in creating your own custom extension cord or custom power cables, consider some tips from experienced people in the field. According to some research, there are two to three pins, commonly made of brass or other conducting material, normally found on domestic power plugs, which are inserted into specific holes in a socket, and when the plug is attached to an appliance, it completes an electrical circuit.

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Custom length power cables can be used when a power switch or outlet is in an inconvenient location. You may want a drop down power outlet for supplying power to a workbench or project in the middle of your garage or office space. For tools, you may need wire strippers, a screwdriver, electrical tape, and a few more things that are generally easy to acquire. A double switch power supply can be built for giving power to a custom extension cord. If you need assistance, you should consider contacting a custom power cord company for help and advice. Continue watching the video for more tips on creating a custom power supply.

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