Common Types of Fire Sprinkler Heads

Different types of fire suppression systems can have different kinds of sprinkler heads. The heads vary based on your fire sprinkler system and facility’s needs.

If your facility manager needs to protect a facility’s fire protection system, then you’ll need to know about the fire sprinkler and sprinkler head that can protect your facility well because there is no one-size fit all sprinkler head.

You should choose an ideal design that can meet your facility’s needs and be compliant with your building’s code requirements.

By learning about all the types of fire sprinkler CAD details, you’ll get to understand the kind of sprinkler heads to buy from fire sprinkler design companies.

Concealed Pendent Fire Sprinkler Heads

Pendent fire sprinkler heads take aesthetics a notch higher by covering the working parts of the sprinkler. You can find this type of sprinkler head in commercial facilities such as factories, hotels, offices, and some residential buildings.

The heads of such sprinklers protrude from the ceilings like pendant light fixtures. Water that flows from a pendent sprinkler head hits the deflector and sprays outward by creating an arch, which provides an ideal coverage.

Flush Pendent Fire Sprinklers

The flush pendent fire sprinklers are similar to the concealed pendent sprinkler heads, but the flush fire sprinklers don’t have a cover plate that could be re-installed when a sprinkler discharges.

The lack of a cover plate makes the fire sprinkler system installation or reinstallation simple.

Upright Fire Sprinkler Heads

The vertical fire sprinkler heads are ideal for commercial buildings that have structures such as ductwork and beams, which block the ceiling. Mechanical rooms, warehouses, and other buildings with drywall or a no-drop ceiling may also use upright fire sprinkler heads.

These fire suppression heads can stand upright in any facility.

In the fire sprinkler CAD details, the heads get mounted on pipes to face your ceiling. When activated, the water sprayed upwards gets deflected downward by a concave deflector to reach out across the whole room.

Sidewall Fire Sprinkler Heads

Sidewall fire sprinkler heads are found where your plumbing lines and fire sprinkler CAD details are located on the walls.

These sprinkler heads can be installed in hallways, small rooms, and any other facility whose plumbing runs through the wall. Sidewall sprinkler heads have a unique deflector design, and they protrude through the wall.

Their distinct deflector design sprays water in a half-circle or crescent shape. Despite the sprinkler’s separate location, sidewall fire sprinklers may act the same as other fire sprinkler heads, and they’re also useful in suppressing any fires.

Concealed Fire Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler heads that protrude from the ceilings and walls can be a put-off. Such sprinkler heads provide fire protection at the expense of aesthetics. But with concealed fire sprinkler heads, you can save the appearance of your facility and improve aesthetics.

The concealed fire sprinkler heads get installed and hidden high in the ceiling and behind a cover plate.

The cover plate falls off when the heat reaches approximately 20 degrees below the temperature at which the system is supposed to get activated.

After the cover plate falls off, the glass bulb is exposed to heat, and the sprinkler gets engaged shortly after the exposure.

Fire sprinklers reduce the water used to suppress fires by 90%. Your fire suppression systems need sprinkler heads, and these heads improve the aesthetic appeal, and the ability of sprinkler heads to function well during fire incidents.

Your fire sprinkler system designer can give you advice on the kind of sprinkler heads to buy.

The kind of fire sprinkler head that you choose will depend on the heads’ aesthetic appeal, the desired appearance, the plumbing system on your facility, and the requirements set forth by the fire sprinkler CAD details.

The fire sprinkler CAD details dictate the design and type of fire suppression system that you’ll install.

The fire sprinkler system design also defines the type of fire sprinkler heads that you can use.

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