The Importance of Mobile Development for Online Companies

Did you know that there are 130 million smartphone users in the US, and this number is only expected to grow in the coming years? What does this mean for online businesses? Businesses must adapt to a smartphone world and engage in standard mobile development for their websites. Studies show, and common sense would indicate, that when users cannot access websites on their phone, they do not wait to get on a computer to view the site, they just go to a competitor.

Many businesses looking for quality web services outsource their mobile needs to mobile developers. As you can imagine, this is often a lot more convenient and likely to produce quality results than putting the work on in house developers who do not specialize in creating mobile applications and web design, or hiring someone for the single project. When choosing a web design company, you want quality assurance for the services they are providing you. Ask for references and read the agreements closely.

Responsive web design is important, and this means that any layout provided to you should be simple and easily navigable for the end user. Anything that requires too many steps or where options are too hidden will frustrate your clients. Web companies can also help you obtain information on your business intelligence in order to see how well your site is performing in different aspects.

Ruby on Rails is used by modern programmers since it is an open sourced web application framework. It uses the Ruby programming language. Ruby on Rails has a routing system that operates independent of the web server, and focuses on using well known software engineering patterns. Ruby on Rails puts emphasis on both convention over configuration and do not repeat yourself, which are both important for making application controllers as light as possible.

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