Is Time Really on Your Side?

You thought today would be an ordinary day until your dog jumped off of your chair and had a seizure. While you screamed and called her name, your husband and daughter carefully picked the family’s pet up. You got on the phone with the vet asking if you could rush her in. Thankfully, after one of the scariest episodes you have had with this dog, you now know that your pet should be okay. You are back home and she is resting.

More than any other moment since the family has been working and schooling from home, time literally stood still.

You realize that you do not know what you are going to do when it is the furry favorite’s time to go. She is your girl and has been for 10 years. She has been your constant companion during a time when your life has been consumed by pain. She is not just a dog to you. She is your baby. She loves you on your bad days and makes them better. You are so thankful she was okay today, and you will be doing everything you can to make her feel better!

Measuring Time with Family and Loved Ones Can be More of a Challenge Today
From the GPS digital clocks that run classrooms and scoreboards to the GPS network time servers that indicate when workers should start and stop their shifts, most Americans are in the habit of always knowing what time it is. When time stands still after a pet falls suddenly ill, however, many people realize that time is not always our friend. And while there are entire industries focused on monitoring, measuring, and tracking the amount of time that we spend on different endeavors, in the end we all realize that we are looking for ways to make sure that we make the best use of the time we are given. And even though today that time together with many of our friends and loved ones may need to take place on a digital platform, it is important to know the these times still matter.

GPS digital clocks may help us know just how long it will take us to get to a specificities destination once we are able to hop in our cars and travel as we want, but the way that we spend our time after arrival is what really matters. And just as the WiFi digital wall clocks in a classroom only monitor how long students stay in a room, as parents many of us are now in charge of just how productive those minutes can be.

Synchronized GPS digital clocks and the other latest time keeping inventions may seem like a new chain around our necks, but the fact of the matter is humans have been keeping time for 5,000 to 6,000 years. The ancient Egyptians, in fact, were the first to tell time by using obelisks as primitive sundials, even though it was not until the 14th century in Europe when the first mechanical clocks were invented. Since those inventions, and the many more sophisticated GPS digital clocks, have been developed, our lives have been measured. Teachers plan lessons around the allotted amount of time that they are given, employers gauge productivity based on the length of a shift, and nurses and doctors measure patient progress by comparing heart rates to documented time averages.

None of these digital and technological measurements matter, of course, if individuals do not feel as if they have used their time wisely. As many as 31 working satellites of the Global Positioning System (GPS) have built-in, highly accurate atomic clocks that can make certain that all of us are following the same world clocks, but this technology alone does not mean that you will be productive and finally clean out that closet or that your children will use those measured minutes to complete the reading their teacher has assigned.

From treasured and beloved pets that we still get to cuddle on a daily basis to the chance to spend time calling parents and grandparents who we may not be able to visit in person now, the way you spend your time today really matters.

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