The iPhone 11 Versus The Samsung Galaxy S10: What’s Right For You?

A smartphone is not a simple buy — on that most us can agree. This is part because phones are more a part of our lives now than they were decades ago. Phones are not just means of communication anymore; they’ve essentially become miniature computers. We can easily carry them around, making quick searches when we have questions, navigating our ways through unfamiliar areas. For that matter, a phone can potentially be a lifeline if you get lost, or find yourself in a high pressure situation. With that being said, it was a lot easier to make a decision on the type of smartphone you were buying years ago, when there were only one or two different brands offering this kind of technology. The fact is that the market is much more crowded in this day and age. In addition, brands are out to beat themselves. New models are continuously issued, making our old phones quickly obsolete. Perhaps two of the biggest brands in the smartphone industry, at the moment, are Apple and Samsung, known for their iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, respectively. Although these products may seem similar at first, they’re actually quite different. They’re constantly competing, and do so by issuing new phones — currently, that has a lot of people weighing the iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S10.

For some people, the iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S10 debate is fairly straightforward. These types of people are brand loyalists, and will only buy one type of phone no matter what else an alternative has to offer. But if you’re a truly savvy shopper, you’ll probably at least want to do your research on the iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S10 before you make the final purchase. Neither of these phones is cheap, after all, and you’ll want whatever you pick to last you a good while. Keep in mind before comparing phones that while these phones may seem to have similar features, they ultimately function with different operating systems. To that extent, it may seem like you’re comparing apples to oranges. Nonetheless, the more you learn about each type of phone and the way they can apply to your life, the easier your decision will be. Let’s look into the iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S10 decision in earnest.

Bang For Your Buck

As we said, neither of these phones is going to come cheap. If you’ve never owned a smartphone before, the price tag can be a bit hard to handle at first; but when you think about it, both of these phones are less expensive than Invisalign braces. Like those braces, they are essentially an investment in your future. In this day and age, it’s difficult for anyone to hold down a good job and get through the day without a smartphone. It’s just expected that every person has one. In that sense, it’s really matter of which one you’re going to buy. Although you can potentially get the price down by buying a used and refurbished phone, or a phone through a secondhand seller, you should be wary. While you can potentially find a great deal through such outlets, sometimes a great price really is too good to be true. This is especially true if you’re looking for a phone that is new to the market. When looking at the iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S10, you’ll probably find some seemingly amazing sellers on sites like eBay; but be careful before making the final decision on that purchase.

Looking at cost outright, the iPhone 11 starts retailing for about $699, though of course that pricing can change somewhat depending on the retailer, as well as any other insurance plans or add-ons applied to the purchase. The price can change depending on how much storage the phone offers. The iPhone 11 climbs in price as you get more space; the $699 phone comes with 64GB, while the 128GB phone is $749 and the 256GB phone is $849, This may be surprising at first, as the recently released iPhone XR was more expensive, but is now the older model. In fact, the iPhone 11 was conceived in part as a phone that gave many of the amazing features of the XR, with useful updates and a more affordable price. Apple knows that it’s in a competitive market, which means that you as a consumer get to benefit and save money!

Now, the Samsung Galaxy S10, on the other hand, typically starts retailing for $899 for a 128GB phone, defying the traditional idea that Apple products are more expensive. For that matter, it doesn’t offer the 64GB option, which may be annoying to those who would take no issue with less storage if they could save money. The other option is the 512GB phone, which retails for $949.99 Again, this isn’t taking into account any particular sales or offered promotions, as well as any add-ons. Both phones also can sometimes be bought with trade-in deals, which would lower the cost of the phone if you are trading in a previous version. As you would probably expect, most people do not buy these types of phones outright. They are usually paid for with a payment plan, in which monthly installments are paid over time. This makes it easier for you to deal with the cost of the phone. With that being said, if you’re looking purely to save money while getting the blanket advantages of using a smartphone, the iPhone 11 wins this part of the iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S10 competition. Being able to choose between three different levels of storage versus two is also in its favor. If you’re someone who is only going to use their smartphone for casual activities, and otherwise in the same sense that you would use any other cellphone — you might as well save money. While some people may prefer a specific brand, those who are simply seeking the best bang for their buck don’t need to worry about it. In that case, go for the phone that gives you more options.

Apps, Features, And The Kitchen Sink

It may seem as if today’s smartphones throw in everything, including the kitchen sink. If you’re new to smartphones, this may be overwhelming at first — you might be exasperated, wondering what you’ll actually need of the iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S10. However, there is much more to smartphones than fun games and apps. Many are more practical than they might at first seem, and it’s important to consider this when weighing the iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S10. There are many things to do with these phones, but they are far from identical in terms of their operating systems, as well as their various features and apps.

On an aesthetic level, the iPhone is typically favored due to its sleek design. While many smartphones are now much larger than they once were — allowing users to enjoy their screens more easily — they’re still quite slim. The iPhone really led the way in this sense, and the iPhone 11 is no different. In that sense, the Galaxy S10 isn’t all that markedly different from the iPhone 11, though it does have a slightly larger screen. Perhaps you don’t care all that much about the phone’s aesthetic, however, and want to focus on its functionality. There are many differences between the iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S10 in this regard, largely because they function through different operating systems. The iPhone, of course, uses the Apple-specific iOS — i Operating System. These phones come with a number of pre-installed apps that you won’t find in the Galaxy s10, as well as the Apple Store, which is filled with everything from games that offer ways to pass the time to the top investing apps. Furthermore, the system offers a virtual assistant function, as well as a number of practical scheduling tools. Essentially, you could look at the iPhone 11 as a phone that is almost meant to function as a compressed version of the Apple computer experience. The Galaxy S10, on the other hand, uses the Android operating system. This is not an operating system unique to Samsung. Created by Google, the Android system is also used by the Google Pixel phones, as well as other phones like the OnePlus phone. While there are certain advantages to having a more common operating system, a lot of people enjoy the specificity of iOS. For that matter, there is a reason why Apple products are widely preferred by a massive audience, with many citing Apple products as more durable and easier to use than the alternatives. Now, while the Galaxy S10 will also come pre-loaded with certain apps and its own store, you’ll really have to consider whether or not you’re content with going without certain iPhone-exclusive apps.

In other aspects of functionality, the phones are fairly similar. Both phones are useful to those who have disabilities — they offer functions that make it easier for people to use speech to text, for example. Both phones can also be easily connected to a car’s Bluetooth speakers, which will make it easier for you to play the music that you want, as well as listen to your navigational apps. Now, when it comes to photography, you’ll find that there are some minor differences in the iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S10. Though both phones have three rear-facing camera lenses, the Galaxy S10 offers a slightly larger field of view — 123 degrees versus 120 — and it has a 16 megapixel sensor instead of the 12 megapixel sensor seen in the iPhone 11. Ultimately, if you’re simply looking to take casual photos with your phone, you probably won’t see much of a difference. The iPhone 11 will still allow you to easily edit your photos, and the two systems offer virtually the same features when it comes to recording video. If you’re really serious about photos, you probably won’t be using your phone as your primary photography source anyway.

Making Your Phone Last

No phone can last forever — but if you’re viewing the iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S10 in terms of long-term investments, you’ll want the phone that lasts longer. Firstly, let’s look at the battery life offered by these phones. The more strain that is put on a phone’s battery, the less time that battery is going to last on a permanent level, never mind the inconvenience of having to recharge your phone repeatedly. Generally speaking, the iPhones offer longer battery life than their competitors. This means that you won’t have to have anxiety over your phone failing you while you’re out traveling! But what about the physical aspects of your phone?

With any smartphone, you’ll want to use a phone case that will protect it from harm. After all, these phones are investments. The iPhone is famous for its delicate glass screen, but this can be shielded through screen protectors and phone cases, and there are also companies on hand that can repair and replace damaged screens. If you’re looking at water damage and the iPhone 11 vs Galaxy S10, the winner is clear. The iPhone 11 is made to be submerged in four meters of water for up to 30 minutes without issue, while the Galaxy S10 is made to survive being submerged in 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. The iPhone has been, in many ways, a pioneer in terms of combatting water damage problems. Other phones are still playing catch up.

You have to make a decision about the type of phone that is specifically right for you, of course. But nonetheless, it’s clear to see that the iPhone 11 was made to accommodate people who are sticking to their budgets, while at the same time getting what they need out of their smartphones. Although the Samsung Galaxy S10 can compete, it’s not quite on the iPhone’s level in terms of being a great deal. Nonetheless, the final choice is up to you!

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