A Look At Issues With Job Retention In The United States

Getting a job and keeping that same job has become hugely difficult here in the United States – and it’s really not because so many people are getting fired or anything of that nature. Instead, many people are choosing to voluntarily leave their jobs with millennial members of the workforce even being branded as the job hopping generation. After all, up to 60% of a them are actually willing to leave their current jobs if they were to be offered a better one. And this trend has been going on for quite some time now. In the June of 2015 already up to two and a half million workers voluntarily decided to leave their jobs, marking a jump in such incidents occurring by very nearly one quarter from the June of the year prior.

But why is this happening? Why are so many people so unhappy with their jobs? Unfortunately, as human resources consultants and anyone working for a professional job placement agency will largely be able to attest to, there are a number of reasons that such has become the case. As anyone working for a professional job placement agency can tell you, for instance, sometimes the right choice is not made during the hiring process. As a matter of fact, more than one third of all top executives feel that a poor skills match is one of the leading reasons behind any failed hire.

Fortunately, utilizing a professional job placement agency or outplacement company is something that can help to mitigate the chances of something like a poor skills match from ever happening in the first place. A professional job placement agency will make sure that anyone who utilizes the services of said professional job agency will be placed in a job that is a good fit, skills wise. This is hugely important, and is a main reason that more and more people are utilizing the help of a professional job placement agency instead of simply just trying to get a job on their own. If you’re someone who has been struggling to find a job, a professional job placement agency or even human resources executive search agency can help you to get back on track with your path in the working world, something that is becoming more and more necessary for more and more people across the country.

But the services provided by the average professional job placement agency will help – but won’t be enough to totally combat the issues with job retention that are seen throughout the country. In fact, other issues are starkly obvious to many people who are currently a part of the working world. For instance, one glaring problem is the lack of support and encouragement that up to 80% of all working people feel from their superiors. With only a scant one fifth actually thinking that they are getting enough of both, it is clear that workers do not feel as valued and supported as they should be, something that can all too easily breed apathy in their jobs.

Fortunately, this can be an easier fix than many people might realize. As a matter of fact, simply instituting an employee recognition program is something that can go a long way towards ensuring that everyone in a work space feels valued and supported. And the data that has been gathered on the subject is very much in support of this claim. This data shows that up to 86% pf all companies and organizations have found success through such programs, noting a noticeable boost in overall employee happiness. And increasing employee happiness alone can lead to a number of things, including an increase in overall productivity as well as an increase in overall work quality, two things that can make instituting an employee recognition program of any kind more than worth the effort at the end of the day.

All things considered, there are many people who would benefit from the steps taken above, including the companies themselves. Employee retention is a real issue in this country, but certainly not one that is insurmountable by any means.

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