How to Use Decorative Wire Mesh to Liven Your Space

There are two types of wire mesh. One is welded, with longitudinal and latitudinal wires arrangements. The other type is the woven mesh which takes various patterns or shapes. The two can be used to liven up your space along with protecting it depending on how they’re installed.

For example, welded wire mesh is used in elevator cab interior while woven mesh can be used to partition a room. In the case of partitioning a room, it’s preferable to use decorative steel mesh which comes in a wide variety of patterns and shapes. In other words, these meshes can be custom made to fit your needs.

Woven and wire mesh can also be used in the construction of bridges, buildings, and other architectural structures. Let’s look at how decorative steel mesh can improve the look of your building.

1. It Adds Style

Architectural metal mesh can be used to cover the outer side of the building. The mesh creates an attractive look and offers protection against harsh conditions. While in place, the mesh looks like a curtain surrounding your building, creating a striking visual.

Sun can destroy the original look of your building and sometimes ruin it. Other elements like hail storms are likely to cause damage to your structure, thus making it weak over time. However, with decorative steel mesh, you can protect your building and give it a unique style.

Moreover, if you install a solar mesh, your employees and everything inside your building will be protected from the sun glares, which can be distracting when working. It’s important to note that the sunlight will still pass through, ensuring you enjoy minimum energy bills because you won’t be using electricity to light the rooms. The point is, the mesh acts as a screen that allows you to see the other side and still allow light to come in.

2. It adds Privacy

The beauty of metal fabrics comes with giving you privacy. How? First, when installing woven mesh fabrics around your building, no one can stare at you from across the other building even when using binoculars. You can also use the mesh to partition your building to give it a more private look.

For instance, when you lease a hall to start a hotel, you can put up decorative steel mesh to partition the building into an intimate private space. Moreover, you can remove the mesh when you want to move or when the lease is over.

3. It Adds Texture

Architectural mesh panels are manufactured from steel, aluminum, and brass. Regardless of the material you choose, it will bring out an ideal texture that matches your business. So, if you want aluminum or steel, each will give a different touch.

4. Window Treatment

Are you a startup business and therefore can’t afford a massive investment in cladding your entire building? Well, you can enjoy the benefits of metal mesh façade on your windows. In other words, you won’t be distracted by outside movement while working, and you’ll be protected from the sun glares. Additionally, your building will be safe from burglary incidents and property distractions.

5. Handrail

How large is your building, and does it require a handrail? If yes, you can use decorative steel mesh on the sides of the handrail to keep you safe. The mesh will give an ornamental appearance, make your building look modern and keep people safe.

Consider a Wire Mesh Look on Your Building

Metal fabrics have extensive applications. For instance, they are used to decorate the outside and interior of a building, protect the building and the users, and in other cases holding stones together in construction work. So, if you have a building project, ask your architect for advice regarding the use of metal mesh. Alternatively, watch videos on the application of wire mesh or get clarifications from the manufacturer of the metal fabric.

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