Proper Pharmaceutical Storage Is the Key to Safer Products

Have you ever been given medicine that you needed to refrigerate? Did you know that you’re not supposed to store our pills and medications ina humid environment with changing temperatures? Proper pharmaceutical storage is essential for keeping medications safe and fully effective. Without proper storage, pharmaceutical supplies could be destroyed.

Ideal Pharmaceuticals Storage Conditions

Many people are surprised to learn that 7 out of the 10 leading pharmaceutical products must be transported under temperature-controlled conditions. But pharmaceutical storage isn’t just for medicines. Various biologic material also needs to be stored in cryogenic containers. These special containers can hold temperatures of -150 degrees C (-238 degrees F) for a minimum of 10 days. A difference of just 2 degrees C (35 degrees F) can completely ruin a pharmaceutical sample or product.

Why Cold Shipping Solutions Matters

Pharmaceutical samples and drugs are big business in the U.S. and globally. The global pharma market is predicted to reach $1.12 trillion by the year 2022. The U.S. alone is responsible for 45 percent of the global pharmaceutical market. That means that proper storage conditions for pharmaceuticals are absolutely essential in the U.S., and it’s a huge market that’s very much in demand.

Research shows that pharmaceutical companies lose, on average, $150,000 per small package shipment because of temperature problems. Cold shipping solutions keep these companies from losing unnecessary profits and wasting much-needed products. Many different facilities need proper pharmaceutical storage solutions, from lads to medical clinics to hospitals to veterinary offices. There’s a huge market for this very important service.

Total spending on drug therapies is about $371 billion dollars. By some estimates, there is no business that’s bigger than pharma. Maintaining the cold chain among pharmaceutical and biological samples and products is a service that’s very much needed, and one that’s only going to become even more in-demand as time passes.

The Importance of Biostorage

Better storage solutions for pharma products and samples means more medicine is available for those who need it. Less product will be lost and more lives will be potentially saved. Providing pharmaceutical storage conditions isn’t just a growing service industry that’s in demand. It’s also serving the greater good by providing the necessary medical supplies that so many people need.

The pharma industry is a big business that produces big opportunities, but it also provides life-saving cures. Good sample management and product handling allows these pharmaceuticals to help even more people…and what’s more important than that?

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