Today’s Technologies Can Cause Job Elimination in Some Fields

The most common jobs in our economy are retailers, call centers, and fast food. Many of these jobs are being eliminated by technology. The after math of automation is very difficult in communities around the country. We have to think bigger because too many people are only thinking short term. We are telling the truth about the facts on the ground in many communities, but we are not helping people realize the implications of one of the three biggest technology changes in the history of our country.
Everyone wants to be stronger, healthier, and more financially sound, but there are an increasing number of barriers that many people face. For the many people who find their jobs being eliminated by technology it is important to look for the best opportunities for retraining for a new kind of career. For some, the answer may lie in learning to use GMP 3
technologies. Getting the training that is needed to help property owners understand the safety of the water and air in their homes is one way that some workers are able to reenter the work force.

Clean Room Standards Continue to Help People Live Healthier Lives

There are, of course, many levels of clean room standards that are used in our world today. Maintaining and monitoring pharmaceutical clean room humidity measurements, for instance, comes with strict regulations that monitor differences that are as minute as plus or minus 1%. These readings, of course, are now possible thanks to electronic sensing devices that are used today. Workers who train to use these GMP 3 and other kinds of technology can find themselves with a number of job opportunities.

Understanding how do chemical manufacturers assess purity in a pharmaceutical environment, for instance, is one way to make sure that you are in a field that will continue to be in high demand. By monitoring radiolabeled compounds in a variety of environments, these technicians are able to remain in a career that is part of, not eliminated by, the latest technologies.

Looking at just one example, a laboratory fume hood must be checked at least once a year by an independent certifier to make sure it has the correct airflow to meet the latest Occupational Safety and Health Administration criteria. In fact, a recent survey of laboratories showed that roughly 20% of them were going to replace their fume hood, and as many as 33% of those replacements were due to old age. In both of these situations it is important to realize that there will be needed technologies behind all of this monitoring. From GMP 3 technicians to other workers, there are many people who are needed to make sure that these technologies are correctly monitored and read.

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