Software Makes it Easy to Open Your Business to Ecommerce

In the digital age it is more important than ever for businesses to use an ecommerce management system. CPGs, consumer packaged goods, have been traditionally sold in physical store locations; however, there has been a shirt in recent years for CPGs to be sold in the ecommerce sector. In the United States alone, grocery store sales of these packaged goods are projects to drop from 45% to 37% by the year 2025. More and more consumers are setting their sights on online shopping, and it is up to businesses to try and keep up.

What is an Ecommerce Management System?

Simply put, ecommerce management systems allow for a business to sell products or services in an online market. This will allow you to reach a whole to clientele base, that a traditional brick and mortar store would not. Management systems can allow business to monitor all aspects of online sales.

What are the Main Features?

An good ecommerce management system should include:

  • A Unified System. A good management system gives you everything you need in one, without having to worry about monitoring different applications. Product catalog software with the ability to advertise your product attributes, making it easy for you to get the most out of your online sales. You can even manage SKUs, customize product names, and promotional imagery. This can be significant as 70% of online shoppers say that the ability to zoom in on product images is an important factor when making a purchase. All of this is available without any technical expertise. Additionally, the ability to view and control your ecommerce content, gives you the ability to tailor a customers online experience to exactly what you want it to be.
  • Managing Orders. Meet and exceed customer expectations by easily and seamlessly allowing for all the options of a traditional store. Customers can buy, and return both online and in store, without any issue as all the information is kept by you ecommerce management system. Catalog management software will also allow for you to have easy access to viewing all inventory across all channels and business locations, so there will never been any question on supply units.
  • Deliver Exceptional Consumer Experiences. A good management system will allow you to create a professional, yet personalized, online experience for your customers. Having an easy to use system that customers can easily navigate makes the online buying experience 10 times more enjoyable. If a website is complicated and hard to use, customers are more likely to not return, or not use the system all together. Being able to create a simple system will keep customers coming back, and possibly entice newcomers to try it out! Furthermore, consumers can be assured they are getting brand verified product content, as it will be coming directly from your store, as opposed to a secondhand source.

Basic Functions

Ecommerce management systems come with all the core functions your business needs to succeed. It simplifies everything into a single integrated platform that includes refined collaboration capabilities, real time data on sales and inventory, and customizable operation processes. A list of the most basic features includes:

  • Customer support services
  • Order and inventory management catalogs
  • procurement options
  • Content management systems
  • Marketing capabilities
  • Pricing and promotion options

These management systems allow you to find everything you need in one convenient place. Even if you’ve yet to venture into the realm of online business, it helps make the transition smooth and painless. It enables you to run your business more effectively in all capacities, while using the fewest number of applications. This not only cuts down on cost, but also on stress. Ecommerce sales in the United States have already reached $396 billion back in 2016, and they are predicted to hit $684 billion by the year 2020. The world is growing more and more technologically involved, and more and more business is being conducted online as a result. If you haven’t already, look into an ecommerce management system for your business, it may just lead to the boost in sales that you need. Do you use any ecommerce management software in your business? Let us know how it’s improved your management experience!

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