Security Issues Are an Important Consideration for Homes, Offices, and Places of Worship

The new doors for the church have been taking way too long. In fact, although their were supposed to be completed in two days, the project is still not completed a month later. After a number of pretty tense phone calls, the installation crew assures the church council that with just two more closures the doors will be ready to go. Once the doors are finished there will be more need for the yellow crime scene tape on the doors!
All joking aside, in addition to the new doors allowing more light into the commons area, they are also making it so the fluctuation of the temperature is not so noticeable. The new doors are more energy efficient and should help the gathering space be more comfortable year round.

The new doors for the large church are also going to serve a security purpose as well. And while the church council does not really want to have to talk about the need for wireless security cameras and evacuation plans, the reality of today’s world is that these doors are part of a large security plan that the church is putting in place. The new doors, the wireless security cameras, and outdoor security camera systems are part of a plan that the church is putting in place. A plan that can hopefully be used in the event that an active shooter should enter the building.

Wireless Security Cameras Help Protect All Kinds of Spaces

In a time when the news is too often full of active shooter tragedies in places like schools, churches, and shopping centers, it is an unwanted necessity that even places of worship are putting plans in place to protect themselves in the event of an emergency. By installing new doors that can be linked to security systems, for instance, churches and all kinds of buildings can better monitor and protect their property and their members. Although no pastor or religious leader wants to talk about forming a Safety Task Force, these are the realities that we face today.
Using a template that is designed for a church setting, proactive congregations are updating their plans for everything from fire drill evacuations to staying safe if an intruder enters the building. Interestingly enough, once all of these security measures are put into place, many of these spaces will also be less likely to be broken into. Did you know, for instance, that 75% of U.S. homes will be broken into within the next 20 years? As thieves become more desperate, they are also looking at churches and businesses that might be easy target. Just as homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into, it only makes sense that places of worship and businesses without security systems may also be easier targets.
If you are the owner of a business, the pastor of a church, or someone else who is in charge of a space, maybe it is time for you to invest some energies and funds into making sure that your space, and your people, are as safe as possible.

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