Taking Care of All of Your Audio Video Needs

Audio and video are influencing our lives in a variety of ways. Whether it’s through the form of Spotify or Netflix, people are consuming a lot of media on their own time, all from the comfort of their home or from the hardware of their smartphone. But how does audio and video affect our lives outside of the home, and where can it be properly used for the betterment of society?

Education and Business

Studies report that retention of information three days after a meeting has been held is six times greater when it is presented both visually and orally rather than just orally. Likewise, educational researchers report that 83% of humans learn best through visual interaction, with 11% being through hearing.

For businesses and education centers, audio video contractors can help to provide your establishment with the exact equipment you need, all within whatever budget you might need. Whether it’s a boardroom, lecture hall or classroom, an audio video company can provide you with an idea of the most beneficial av design, whether that be the installation of quality sound systems or multiple projectors, ones that will allow for every person within the room to see a presentation.

Live Venues

For a bar or restaurant considering starting to have entertainers perform within their establishment, audio video contractors can effectively enter your business and provide you with the necessary equipment you require. Based upon your needs, audio video contractors will be able to determine what equipment will best suite the entertainers your are considering hiring, while determining what would be the most power-sensible options for your business (low voltage contracting). The most basic form for live music will come through sound system installation, determining the type of speakers you’ll need, where they should be installed, and what mixing boards will best suite the type of performers that will be playing at your venue.

Commercial Businesses

A quiet retail store can be awkward. There are simple ways to provide music to your store, whether through sound system installation or, if you’re small enough, by having a one or a few Bluetooth speakers providing music to your store (of which have continually grown in popularity ever since 2013). Likewise, you can communicate with audio video contractors to look into lighting systems for your store, or finding the right signage to advertise your business to passerbys.

CCTV Purposes

Commercial businesses can also benefit by having a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system installed into their business. CCTV is great since it allows you to capture daily footage of your store, keeping an eye out on shoplifters and employees. Similarly, it can cover you against any liability if someone were to claim being injured within your store, allowing you to have footage on hand to legally protect you from any monetary issues.

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