Specialty Papers Are Essential to Many Kinds of Offices

If you spend any time in the thousands of schools across America, you know that the month of May can be a challenge. It can be a challenge for the teachers to continue to find energy to motivate their children. It can be a challenge for students to find the drive that will help them successfully complete their assignments at the end of the year. And it can be a challenge for parents to face the fact that soon there children will be home for the summer.

What you may not know about schools, however, is that in these last few weeks of the school year, there are many buildings where finding the supplies that they need is also a challenge. The reality is, however, in a time of tightening budgets across the country, there are many schools that struggle to have enough paper, pencils, and other supplies for the last weeks, sometimes months, of school.

All Offices and Agencies Have to Budget Supplies Throughout the Year
Beyond the school classrooms of America, there are also offices of all sizes that have to keep track of the paper supplies that they use in anticipation of ordering supplies for the next year. Even in a time when we feel as if so much of our lives are digital, however, there are still many paper products that are important parts of the day to day work that is accomplished. From white engineering bond paper to vinyl paper rolls and blueprint paper, there are many kinds of paper supplies that are important to businesses across the country. In the case of an engineering firm, for instance, white engineering bond paper and other products will always be necessary.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the use of paper in an engineering firm and the impact that these kinds of paper sales have on the nation’s economy:

  • Most of today’s engineering and architectural offices average 3,500 square feet of printing output per month.
  • The first plotter was invented back in the year 1953.
  • Fortunately, more than one-third of new paper today is made with recycled fiber.
  • The global wide format printer market is projected to reach $7.2 billion by the end of the year 2022.
  • The U.S. paper recovery rate reached an all-time high of 67.2% in 2016. This number represented the third consecutive annual increase.

It is not just the classrooms across America that are checking the status of their paper supply during the month of May. Engineering firms and other companies that rely on paper copies of the designs that they create also rely on a variety of paper products, from white engineering bond paper to plotter paper rolls.

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