What Is List Matching? The Facts

Over the past decade, technology has grown in ways that experts could not have predicted. As a result, the world is changing at a fast pace and thus businesses must make adjustments over time. So any business that is asking what is list matching, is on the right path.

Text analytics and semantic extraction software are two key components of the future and the growth of technology. Text analytics can be utilized in three major ways which include identifying dangers near borders and at screening time, identifying potential dangers that will require a follow-up, and the ability to forecast future issues that can happen at the border. Here is some important information on what is list matching?

Sometimes when it comes to answering the question of what is list matching, the technical jargon can make simple things confusing. For example, text mining is a simple concept that sounds complex. It is basically the gathering of text and information online. The International Data Corporation estimates that less than 1% of data is ever analyzed. Text mining can bridge the gap between the missing 99%.

Text mining can help businesses in three major ways: it can provide more accurate insights across a broader range of documents and sources; it can provide accurate risk, compliance, and threat detection; it can improve customer engagement by using natural language processing to generate early insights into what customers are thinking. So when asking what is list matching, it is important to understand everything that surrounds this type of technology.

List matching software is often referred to as deduplication or dedupe software. This means that it is a software application that helps identify and remove duplicated records from list and databases. So this helps businesses clean up their text. So as previously mentioned, it is easy to understand the simple answer to what is list matching?

Four key steps in the text mining process help complete this action. This includes information retrieval, natural language processing, information extraction, and data mining. Be sure to understand how the technology works in these contexts before trying to pursue the answer to what is list matching?

The current value of the text analytics market is at an estimated $3 billion and it is forecasted to reach almost $6 billion by the year 2020. As technology continues to grow, these types of numbers that directly reflect the value of these markets will continue to grow as well.

Entity resolution is the practice of finding and linking mentions of the same entity across and within data sets. The three primary tasks involved in entity resolution are deduplication, record linkage, and canonicalization. Over the past several years, an incredible amount of information has been created. According to IDC, the digital universe will reach over 40 ZB by 2020, this equates to approximately 1.7 MB of new information created for every person every second of every day.

In Conclusion

Every single year there are more and more businesses searching for the answers to what is list matching? As they pursue these answers, they will work towards saving money, time, and effort, by simply cleaning up systems of technology and vital networks!

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