Aggregators Finding the Best Price for Value

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Traveling is expensive. There are costs that can almost be considered as overhead: the gas required to take a road trip, the flight required to go from one destination to the next, the hotels that must be stayed at. Then there are costs that are variable yet are still high in price: the food required to travel and the spending money that must be allocated.

Adding a chance for the traveler to find the best deal are the proliferation of offers available on hotel sites, airline sites, travel sites, all that promise the best deal for those who are traveling. These sites usually come with some form of loyalty perk: for instance offers discounts to those who have already booked once before.

For the traveler who is befuddled with all these opportunities and options, it is possible for them to find a solution. That solution will be on website aggregators like or, which aggregate sites that are offering hotel rooms and airlines (respectively) and pull up some of the prices available for that instance.

A traveler may choose to stay at a hotel here and a motel there and a hostel there, all the while finding the best price on the aggregator. Finding the best plane trip is the same process: An aggregator pulls up the best prices and the customer can choose the best option, without leaving that particular site.

For those in management, whether that is hotel management, motel management, or hostel management, the challenge is staying up to date on the latest trends on the website to get referrals from that site to book a hotel, motel, or hostel room. The sites themselves can be tricky, as they share little of the person’s information.

Those in management, whether that is hotel management, motel management, or hostel management, must be aware of the shifting tides when it comes to consumer purchases, especially in an online and web-based environment. Consumers may interact with the site differently than with engaging in person or on the phone with a manager.

Someone in hotel management, motel management, or hostel management must be aware of the policies that affect the hotel from the aggregator. has a certain cancellation policy that must be held to, with the customer having a certain amount of time to cancel a policy compared to a hotel’s, motel’s, or hostel’s cancellation policy.

The hotel, motel, and hostel policy may differ from the aggregator, which could cause a mess of a time with someone in hotel management, motel management, or hostel management. Changing the dates of a reservation may also be difficult. If a person shows up with the wrong date with, they have to call the company, who calls the establishment.

Someone in hotel, motel, and hostel management must be aware of the trends of travelers, as follows:

  • Nearly three out of four travelers plan to return to a destination they have visited previously (74%).
  • Three out of four travelers are planning one or more weekend getaways this winter.
  • Travelers conduct approximately 17 research sessions before booking.
  • 53% of travelers use mobile devices to find travel related information.
  • The average no-show rate is 10% daily.

There are possibilities for every person in hotel management, motel management, and hostel management. For those in hotel management, there is hotel technology which includes a hotel property management system, hotel management system software, hotel software, and hospitality management software.

Hotel technology generally includes the ability to manage reservations through a software system, the ability to monitor incoming reservations, the ability to check travelers in through the system, the ability to monitor security networks, the ability to load cards with the room ID and more.

Those in hotel management face a tough prospect in today’s economy where many reservations are not handled over the phone but through an online system that puts them in competition with other hotels who may be offering a lower price and in a similar location. This makes management of these issues difficult.

Each traveler must know what his or her options are, just as the person in hotel management must be aware of changing trends within the hospitality field. Giving someone the best experience can build brand loyalty, which is one way to differentiate themselves on the customer board for the aggregator.

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