What Makes Your Trade Show Booth Appealing To Customers?

Offset printing process

One of the best ways of helping your booth thrive is asking what you would do in a similar situation. Searching for a certain brand, browsing wares, asking questions in-person…whatever action a potential customer might take, instead flip it around and put yourself in their shoes. How does your perspective change? If this still sounds like a bit much, it certainly doesn’t hurt to start with a basic printing service. You’ll have to create banners, business cards and pamphlets to get your name out there, after all. Why not do it the right way so any customer that drops by, curious or casual, will know you care?

Before you set up your yearly trade booth, learn about how a good printing service can make even the most complicated venture a straightforward process.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Your gaze is constantly bombarded with sign after sign after sign. You see a sign when you go shopping for groceries, you see another sign on the way back home. What makes a sign stand out to you? Just asking this simple question will put you in much better standing than most when you visit your local printing service. Studies have shown half of all customers who enter a business for the first time do so because of the sign. Customers who live within a five mile radius of a given business will also see its sign 50 to 60 times per month.

Saving Money Without Sacrificing Quality

A sign attracts people time and time again. It also saves you money by keeping things simple. The value of an on-site sign is equal to 24 full-page newspaper ads every year. Not enough? A single on-site sign costs just $0.02 per thousand views. Compare this, again, to a 300 line newspaper advertisement. The latter costs nearly $3.00 per thousand views. Any booth worth its salt will save money before the first customer even arrives, putting all its effort into the element that will receive the most attention.

Go For The Classics Once In A While

The digital age can make it difficult to reconnect with our roots. Print is commonly viewed as expensive and even archaic. The fact of the matter is, as you’ve already seen, rather different. People have been found to be more engaged with printed material than digital, the latter of which is often skimmed in 15 seconds or less. Taking home a book, magazine or card is a much warmer memory than looking at a digital banner that gets swallowed up by competitors in mere seconds.

Always Remember To Keep It Simple

This point is reiterated because it truly can’t be stated enough. When you’re in doubt, less truly is more. The function of your trade show booth is to get people to stop by and linger, not wander around in confusion wondering what you’re trying to sell. Booth design graphics should be around 40% empty space. That’s nearly half, something that can seem shocking to business owners trying their hardest to stand out. What this does is give your customers some visual breathing room while simultaneously centering their attention.

Use The Right Printing Service

Your local printing service should be well-equipped to handle any project you offer them. A slew of holographic business cards that dazzle the eye? No problem. Booth graphics that are neatly arranged to suit the small space? Easy as pie. The average company nowadays will allocate as much as 30% of its total marketing budget to both events and exhibiting. That’s a collective $24 billion spent on simply catching people’s eye and encouraging them to stick around. Printing companies are just a stop away, ready to help you with whatever you need to do your best.

Trade show booths that enjoy success are trade show booths that relish in their printing services.

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