Facts on Digital Marketing Companies

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Since the release of the original iPhone in the year of 2007, technology has expanded in ways that many people could not have predicted and did not predict themselves. This boom in technology has helped improve many areas of life and many fields of work. Technology has helped to push forward the medical industry and also businesses utilizing digital marketing.

If you have a business and want to try and capitalize on the current state of affairs involving the internet and technology then you should definitely hire a digital marketing company. Like technology, the industry surrounding digital marketing company has grown in ways that many can not believe and now impacts how businesses advertise and market their products.

An estimated 60 to 75% of the entire search engine market worldwide is owned by Google. It is believed that just about 23% of all Facebook users will check their account at the very least, five times a day. If you do not know facts like these, it is imperative you get help from a digital marketing company that can understand these facts.

Only a digital marketing company will know that 70% of all search engine users will completely ignore paid or sponsored ads. As a result, it is important you hire professionals to help you market in the digital age.

Social media is used for business by an estimated number of 93% of all marketers. An estimated 95% of all small businesses believe that blogging is a valuable business tool that they can use to enhance traffic for their business. As a matter of fact, data now proves that blogging is an important traffic tool for a business.

There are an average of 434% more indexed pages for companies that blog as opposed to companies that do not blog. Just about 70% of all content marketers also believe that blogging has helped them to increase their brand awareness. There is also an estimated 2,000% increase in blog traffic for those who use content marketing, so the relationship is strong in that way.

It is estimated that just about 82.6% of all internet users will specifically use it to make a search through some type of search engine. You will need to make sure you get your result on the first page of the search engine for a specific reason. Out of all search engine users, 70% will not scroll past the first page of search results.

The two most popular activities conducted while on the internet involving using an email service or using some type of search engine to find information. A digital marketing company will get you the right online marketing techniques, marketing services, and marketing ideas for the new age of technology we live in. The top driver of traffic to content related websites is without a doubt a search engine.

Around 47% of all Americans believe that Facebook can have a huge impact on their purchases as opposed to any other social media network. Around 93% of all internet experiences will start with someone using a search engine to conduct a search. Data has also suggested that 39% of all retail customers will come from someone using a search engine.

In Conclusion

Hiring a digital marketing company is one of the best things you can do if you want to expand the brand awareness and success of your business. So many companies now spend a large amount of money trying to get traffic to their websites through social media and search engines. Who knows what the next development could be in terms of how technology will change marketing. But right now, it is clear that the internet and all digital faucets are incredibly important to marketing a business.

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