Three Important Benefits of Low Volume PCB Assembly

Printed circuit board assembly

It’s understandable to want to have printed circuit boards as quickly as possible. Many businesses order PCBs all across the world. It’s important to know about low volume PCB assembly. PCB design software has helped to revolutionize how these boards are produced. Before this type of software was invented, circuit boards were created using Mylar Sheets that a photomask was placed on. Ordering small amounts of printed circuit boards provides many advantages for production phases, especially during testing and market research. In this post, you will learn three benefits of low volume PCB assembly.

  1. Cost Savings

    Not every PCB needs to be produced on a large scale. Many companies prefer low volume PCB assembly because of the lower price. It’s wise to only have a few circuit boards assembled when you are still fine tuning your final product. The last thing you want to have thousands of printed circuit boards created, only to find the design needs updating. Having to create another huge order is an avoidable cost when utilizing low volume printed circuit board production.
  2. Troubleshooting Potential Issues

    Many products must go through a long testing phase before being released on the market. You will find PCB assembly services that can send you a small volume of printed circuit boards. It’s impossible to see what your final product will look like without all of the required components. Many companies choose low volume PCB production to see how boards pair together with the final product. Many designers of printed circuit boards use one to two ounces of copper.
  3. Valuable Design Related Market Research

    Low volume PCB assembly benefits customers during research phases. You might find that, during market research, customers do not like the appearance of a product. Design changes may require that the entire product is remade. Utilizing a low volume PCB order gives you working prototypes to use during market research tests. You can make a larger PCB order when you are closer to a final design. Larger scale printed circuit board production can produce many PCBs at a fast rate. A solder applier, shooter, and infrared oven can create over 50,000 parts per hour.

In summary, there are several benefits to utilizing low volume PCB assembly. You will find that ordering a smaller volume of printed circuit boards provides cost savings. No company wants to order a large volume of circuit boards, only to find design changes need to be made. Working with low volume printed circuit boards is extremely valuable during testing phases. Ordering a low volume of printed circuit boards help businesses take care of vital testing without purchasing large quantities of material.

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