Common IT Security Mistakes Your Business Can’t Afford To Make

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We’d all like to believe that our place of employment won’t be a target for hackers or vengeful former employees, but the truth is that businesses both large and small are vulnerable to cyber attacks. That’s why it’s so imperative to not forgo IT help, whether you think you need it or not. If you let your computer network security fall by the wayside, your entire company could be at risk. Let’s take a closer look at some of the common IT security mistakes businesses make. Then, avoid them at all costs by hiring a network security company and educating your employees about best practices.

Using weak or default passwords

Both business owners and private citizens alike often make this blunder. It’s simply easier to use a default password or one that’s easy to remember and use it across multiple devices. But if the password is easy for you and your employees to guess or remember, it’s also going to be easy for those who commit cyber crime. Your network and devices can become compromised in a snap, making your entire business vulnerable to ruin. Passwords should be difficult to guess and should be changed on a frequent basis. Your IT services technician can give you more information on what constitutes a strong password and how often it should be updated.

Allowing unmonitored network access

Do you know precisely who can access your network and when they do so? You should. While personal devices are becoming more popular in office environments, allowing them to access a secure network is extremely risky. Devices should be approved before being allowed to access your network and you should limit vendor and client access. You may also want to work with a network security company to create a separate network for non-employees; that way, you won’t risk data exposure but can provide a service your clients and vendors want. There are also other types of network monitoring software and services available to you, so ask your network security company about the tools that might work best for you.

Failing to train staff

Even if you have the proper services in place, you still need to educate your employees on the best security practices. Otherwise, you’ll be completely reliant on technology to keep your business safe. While IT services are a great asset, you need to cover your bases. Big security breaches are often caused by employee error. Failing to inform your employees about viruses or potential security threats is doing your entire company a huge disservice. If you expect your employees to be on the front lines, don’t leave them defenseless. Keep them up-to-date and let them know what they should and should not do when they’re at the computer or on another device.

Thinking you can handle it yourself

Many of us are tempted to go the DIY route. After all, we think, how hard could it possibly be? But the reality is that the realm of IT is extremely complicated and changes on a near constant basis. What might have worked fine for your company a year ago is probably pretty outdated by now, which puts your operations at risk. By hiring a network security company, you’re making your company’s well-being a priority. On your own, you’ll likely fail to maintain and update your practices as you should, simply because you can’t devote the time to becoming as well-informed as a professional would be. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s what IT security companies are there for!

These mistakes may seem small, but you’ll pay a huge price if you commit them. By not focusing on your company’s IT security, you’re taking a huge gamble. But if you hire network security experts in your area, you’ll be able to protect your business the way you should.

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