How To Improve Customer Service With Software

Hotel management system software

Are you someone who works in the hospitality industry and is looking for new and innovative ways to create great customer service? Perhaps you are the front desk manager for a hotel chain in a city frequented by tourists, or maybe you own an up and coming artisan grocery store in a small town. No matter what size your business might be, making customer service top priority is crucial to growing. Below are just a few great tools that your business can implement to begin to see an increase in great customer service:

1. Hospitality Management Software – One of the simplest ways to improve the customer service in a hotel setting is by using hospitality management software. Not only do these systems offer hotel reservations software, but many of them also assist with room inventory, scheduling, and even accounting. Just like any other software available, the list of hotel management systems is long and complex, but it gives you, the business owner, plenty of options to choose from.

2. Personal Connections – Another simple way to provide great customer service in a hospitality setting is by making personal connections with customers. In a hotel or upscale grocery store setting this personal connection could be as easy as asking each customer how their day is going or where they are from. This shows customers that someone from the business is listening to them and builds loyalty. Studies show that if more businesses would focus on building loyalty with just 5% more customers could lead to an increased profit of 25%-100% per customer

3. Follow Through – This tool may seem mundane and even obvious, but it is amazing to see how many businesses do not make customer follow through a true priority. When customers are told by an employee that something will get done and that does not happen, the customer loses trust in the entire organization. Many customers (nearly 90% in fact) will completely quit doing business with a company after they experience bad customer service like this.

Now more than ever, travelers are doing their research before they book. Surveys show that the average number of research sessions per traveler before booking is actually 17! What are these travelers looking for during those research sessions? Proof of excellent customer service. Make sure that your business is putting it’s best foot forward and providing great customer service in every way possible.

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