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Home security is, without a doubt, on the minds of millions of homeowners. The fact is, there are over 2.5 million break ins that are reported in the United States each year. These statistics are frightening, but true. Because of this many homeowners choose to install home security systems for the safety of their families. Many of these will include video surveillance systems as added insurance.

Interestingly, it has been reported that nine out of ten burglars say if they see evidence that a security system is installed in a home, they will move on to the next, wherever that might be. Another fact is that 34% of burglaries begin by the individual entering the home through the front door. In addition, 30% of burglars will enter a house through a door or window that they find unlocked.

An adt security system provides home security that includes everything that home and business owners need in order to maintain the safety of their properties and families. These systems include 24 hour a day monitoring from a Customer Monitoring Center that provides immediate attention in the case of a break in. Trained professionals at the center itself will notify both the homeowner and first responders. Installing adt security provides peace of mind for homeowners and business owners, giving them the secure knowledge that their property, and family, are being kept completely safe from outside intrusions.

Adt security systems provide a wide range of security systems for the home. In addition to state of the art burglary monitoring, there are also several other essential types of security systems available. Temperature monitors installed provide an alert when temperatures inside the house become dangerously low, thereby helping to avoid any kind of damage that could come from freezing within the home, such as frozen or bursting pipes. Flood monitoring is also offered with adt security, which sets off an alarm when potential flooding is detected. Notification is immediately sent to the homeowner who, in turn, takes the steps necessary to avoid any possible costly damage.

Fire and smoke damage can often be avoided with the installation of adt security. Because of up-to-the-second monitoring, upon detection of a smoke alarm, a call center professional immediately calls the local fire department and notifies the homeowner. Everything is efficiently set in place for split second action in case of an emergency.

Carbon monoxide monitoring is another security system essential in the protection of home and family. Because carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas, the only way it can be detected is through the installation of a carbon monoxide alarm.

Adt security covers every base in offering security protection for the home and family. Medical alert monitoring can be included in a home security system, providing peace of mind in the case of a medical emergency in the home. A button connected to the system can be pushed to put the individual in touch with a professional at the call center. They can then communicate with each other over a two way intercom, and the person at the call center will contact whatever emergency response service is needed.

At the top of the state of the art list for home and business security these days is the ability to connect the entire property to an all-encompassing security system. This type of system includes everything from soup to nuts, so to speak, from door locks, to lighting, to lawn mowers, to the vacuum, even to pet feeders! All of this is controlled by an app on the owner’s smart phone. With this type of security system, individuals can choose to monitor every component themselves, or they can opt to pay a monthly fee to have their home or business monitored by trained professionals 24 hours a day. These professionals will take the steps needed to call the appropriate authorities in case of an emergency.

There are several choices of security systems available for people who wish to keep tabs on their residences when they are not home. For small homes and apartments, security cameras can be installed that track movement and sent a signal when motion is detected. Security systems have truly reached a status that says what will they think of next?

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