Investing in the Digital Security of Your Business How to Backup Company Data and Keep it Secure

How to backup gmail

Networking solutions allow companies to move information faster than ever before. It is this interconnectivity through the world wide web that enables firms from all over the world to communicate with one another and move the chain of production forward for their businesses. As perhaps the face of the internet, Google was ranked first among the most visited multi-platform web properties in the United States with 247 million unique American visitors and a market share of a whopping 63.9% among the leading American search engine providers. Google’s total global revenue was charted at an astounding $74.54 billion. Google’s email service, Gmail, is likewise the most popular email provider with one billion users across the planet — that is nearly one out of every seven people globally, many of which use Gmail in the work place.

Gmail at Work

Gmail’s ease of access tools and user friendly interface make it the perfect corporate email service. One out of every four Americans use Gmail during their work hours, exchanging hundreds of thousands of documents and letters every day. Although Google works to keep its servers secure, there is always the potential for a cyber attack for those without adequate cybersecurity. Keeping company assets secure from hackers and malicious software should be a priority for businesses as losing this data could spell disaster for a company.

The Threat of Online Attackers

Statistics show that roughly 6% of all computers experience some form of data loss each year; this may be due to an isolated attack, a mass computer virus embedded in spam, or some kind of dormant malware that operates in the background. Hackers are becoming craftier than ever with fraudulent emails enticing recipients to download a file that may actually be disguising a virus. Even craftier hackers have found ways to bypass company cyber security to gain direct access into the company’s servers in an act known as “datamining”. By regularly backing up computer data, one can ensure that their information will remain safe; unfortunately as many as 30% of computer users never backed up their data according to a 2013 Harris Interactive poll. Of those businesses that actually do back up their data, 34% have never tested their back ups and of those that did 77% were found to be defective.

Using the Cloud for Google Backup and Restore

Many companies have invested in a backup gmail account by utilizing the Cloud. The Cloud is a platform for online file storage through secure servers; there is a public cloud as well as private clouds operated by independent Cloud broker services. Google Drive is an example of a public cloud that allows companies to backup gmail accounts in the event of a cyberattack. By choosing to backup gmail, companies can help negate the threat of cyber attacks and ensure that company information is kept secure. For just $1.99 per month, users can receive 100 GB of storage, or users can opt for the free option that gives users 15 GB of storage. There are special deals available for companies interested in Cloud services, many of which offer cybersecurity and human resource services in addition to storage space. Investing in Cloud services could be the easiest way to backup gmail, improve company cybersecurity, and improve productivity through file sharing and the ease of the Cloud’s access tools through Google Drive.

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