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It?s no exaggeration to say that our computers are one of our most important possessions. Just as one would do routine maintenance on a car, or household heating system, the same holds true for your computer, whether a laptop at home or a networked system at work. While repairing and maintaining your computer are common services of a computer services company, there are many other managed IT support services that are worth looking into, especially for small business owners.

A full computer services list from a reputable company should cover a wide range of needs. Computer services for businesses fall into several categories, from IT compliance assessment to managed services software to online marketing. A full-service information technology company might offer many of the following on their computer services list:

? Sales and service of desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, printers and networking equipment, and accessories
? Software and hardware installation
? Virus removal and protection
? Data transfer and recovery
? VoIP phone systems and video conferencing equipment,
? Web site design, development and Web site hosting
? Online Marketing
? Advanced Bench Diagnostics
? Minor Software Repair
? Cloud-based solutions,
? VPN connectivity
? On-site IT consulting services
? Staff training and personal tutorials

While these and other reasons cause people to call a computer services provider, the five most common are networking, security, cloud computing, online marketing, and repair.

Networking: For a business using multiple computers, linking the computers together to share information, software, and printers is a complex task you might want to leave to a professional familiar with the process.

Security: ? With millions of daily business transactions done online and data shared across platforms, it?s crucial to keep information secure. Oversight organizations such as PICI, HIPAA and FISMA have issued compliance mandates requiring businesses to protect, track and control access to sensitive information. A firewall test and other security measures will ensure that you have the proper security installed on your network or personal computer.

Cloud Computing: The Internet and wireless technology have changed the way we do business. Now, businesses can access their data from anywhere, collaborate in real time, and more. Management services provide support for cloud computing and data backup.

Online Marketing: An ever-growing section on a computer services list, online marketing is essential for most businesses. SEO marketing in particular has gained popularity, as studies show that search engines are the top driver of traffic to content related websites, with skillful content marketing leading to a potential 2,000% increase in blog traffic.

Repairs: There are countless reasons for computer repairs, both internal and external. A computer services list should cover them all, everything from the operating system to the power supply to the motherboard.

A computer services list should reflect a company?s various areas of expertise, as well as the ever-changing nature of the digital world. Depending on the situation, managed IT services can offer benefits such as improved performance and productivity, stronger security, more efficient organizational systems, and increased sales.

Whether for business or personal use, when your computer crashes, it has a potentially devastating effect on your schedule, your job, your creative pursuits, and more. A trained IT professional will be able to troubleshoot and identify the problem quickly and efficiently, and fix it properly. It?s much better to hire someone to fix it promptly, rather than risking further damage.

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