Save Your Business Big Bucks Switch to VoIP

Premise based voip systems

Do you wish you could update your existing phone system, but aren’t sure where to start? For businesses, the phone system can really make or break the customer’s experience. Think back to when you have called a business for answers. Chances are, if the call quality was poor you were frustrated even if the issue was resolved or the question answered. Think about the phones at your work. Could you use a business phone system consultation?

When small businesses are just getting off the ground, they are likely more concerned with bringing in customers than what type of phone system they’ll install. Traditional based phone systems are what people generally know how to use without guidance. A straight-forward cordless phone requires no instruction. But there are new business phone solutions to common issues, so there is no reason to not take a look at your options.

Have you heard of VoIP? Maybe you have, but were unsure what made it special, or if it would work for your business. Consider this: some research shows that small businesses that utilize VoIP from end to end cut their startup costs by as much as 90%. That is almost a ridiculous amount of savings. And they don’t stop there: small businesses can save about 40% off of local calls when they use a VoIP system. A business phone system consultation with your nearest VoIP representative may be in order.

At this point, you must be wondering how VoIP business systems work. They actually work by sending voice data packets over IP systems instead of the traditional way, which is a closed circuit. It is similar to how data is sent over the internet. Clearly, this reveals a necessity that would be mentioned in a business phone system consultation: the need for a reliable internet connection.

When starting a business, especially a small business, it is incredibly important to keep tight control over expenses. If there is a way to reduce costs without sacrificing quality, it makes sense to pursue a new way. Schedule a business phone system consultation before deciding on your office’s phones.

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