Why Construction Companies Need IT Services As Much as Any Other Business

Pre-engineered steel buildings

With computers, smartphones, and other wireless devices in the hands of virtually everyone in our country, IT services have become an important part of our everyday life. We rely on them at work to help us navigate more complicated systems and there are even personalized online IT chat rooms or help services to help us at home if we need them. And, of course, our more informal IT services in the form of knowledgeable, more tech-savvy family and friends. However, interestingly enough, industrial construction companies also rely heavily on IT services, which may not be the first industry that comes to mind when you think about businesses who need IT services. However, for detailed planning, architectural plans, engineering, and mapping every detail of buildings, there’s an insane amount of data stored on computers. Tracking systems, models, guidelines, contracts, and much more need data protection and backup, in case of a hack, a power outage, or some other kind of disaster.

How Important Are IT Services In Terms of Protecting Sensitive Information?

Imagine you’re constructing a building with secret access or escape routes that only a few choice members should have access to. And imagine that hackers are trying to find out those construction blueprints for their own purposes. IT services are going to need to keep this information incredibly safe. And given that there are 200,000-300,000 new viruses found every day, those plans might seem pretty vulnerable. Even if you have antivirus software, that only detects a quarter of the most popular malware that gets emailed to people, says Brian Krebs.

Now, certainly not every construction company is going to have top-secret construction plans, but data security is just as important. The United States is the second largest construction market globally, with their market share around 10%. The 2016 Construction Outlook from Dodge Data forecasts that single-family construction will o up 20% this year and multifamily is supposed to increase by 7%, continuing the upward trend of past years.

What Are IT Services Generally Responsible For?

Generally, IT (information technology) services help control network management and managing IT systems that already in place. IT service management focuses on what the customer needs and helping design and construct IT services for the customers that continuously improve. IT services combine business and technical expertise to let organizations create, manage, and have easier access to information and business procedures.

There are different divisions of IT services. Some are more focused on developing IT systems and others are more focused on helping customers navigate the systems that have been created. Other sections design the programs, others program them, and then others oversee the running and maintenance of those systems.

These services all fall under the larger umbrella of “IT services.” Many IT services for smaller businesses are outsourced to another company, while larger companies may have the capital (and complicated systems)to warrant their own in-house IT service.

How Can a Construction Company Find The Right IT Solutions Company For Them?

Careful research here is key. You want a reputable, established, and constantly evolving IT company to be doing your work for you. They should be up to date on the newest technology, trends, and troubleshooting methods. You may want to research what other construction companies are using in terms of IT solutions and see if you can get linked up to the same company.

Check out their price range and what kinds of services they offer you. Depending on the project, you may not need all the services offered, but it’s good to know your options. You should of course be conducting interviews and actively comparing a few different IT services to each other to get a feel for what you’re working with. Have different companies submit bids for your consideration and consult with other son your team before making a final decision.

Data security is crucial in today’s world more than ever. There are too many competing companies and people with less-than-honorable intentions who would be more than happy to take advantage if you don’t have the right kind of data protection for your records.

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