It’s Time to Have a Dedicated Media Team

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Are you looking for a creative marketing and advertising agency? One that can provide unique solutions to promote your company’s products and services?

Consider whether your company would benefit from having these services:

    Strategic branding
    Creative execution
    Digital and social marketing
    Media planning and buying
    Web development

While total marketing budgets vary by company, on average, they spend a significant amount on digital marketing campaigns. In 2014, for example, given the companies polled, 25% of their total marketing budget was spent on digital campaigns. This amount is expected to rise to 75% in the next five years.

One of the many benefits of hiring an advertising agency is because its personnel can assist your company with launching an effective digital campaign. Furthermore, these agencies can provide unique content and other essential materials that are needed to run an effective campaign.

In 2012, not as many companies had dedicated social media teams as they did in 2015, or now, for that matter. In 2015, 78% of companies had dedicated teams, which was a 67% increase from 2012.

This year, United States marketers are planning to spend approximately $24 billion for online display advertising alone. When polled, 59% of chief marketing officers claimed that these types of ads were an effective marketing channel.

Next in line for budgetary allotments is content creation and management. Advertising agencies can also provide unique industry-specific content for your business.

Content is an effective way to drive traffic to your business by providing value-rich articles, blogs, and other company information such as employee profiles and achievements. When you add in search engine optimization, the potential to drive business to your website increases.

A creative marketing agency also understands how consumers make decisions. They know, for example, that 80% conduct a significant amount of online research prior to making a purchase. Furthermore, they’re also aware that 46% refer to their social media circles to guide them to make these choices. These consumers want to make informed decisions before clicking on that “buy now” button.

Consumer reviews are also important to drive sales. It’s been found that on average, potential buyers will read 11 reviews during their decision-making process.

If you’re already using digital marketing, do you have a plan in place? How is it working for your company? Approximately 50% of companies that claim to be using this form of marketing have stated that they don’t have a specific plan in place. This is where advertising agencies come in.

If you’re looking for tips for hiring an advertising agency, the best course of action is to hire one that offers all of the services that you need. While you’re searching through listings of advertising agencies, remember that you want one with which you can develop a long-term association. In this way, you’ll have a dedicated media team to provide guidance for future campaigns.

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