Do You Know How Many Mobile Applications There Are?

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How many applications exist in the world as of 2016?

That’s a surprisingly difficult question to answer. According to Statista: The Statistics Portal, there are more than five million different apps spread across the five leading application marketplaces. Of course, some of these apps may probably be duplicates:

    Google Play: 2.2 million apps
    Apple App Store: 2 million apps
    Windows App Store: 669,000 apps
    Amazon Appstore: 600,000 apps
    Blackberry World: 234,500 apps

This makes for a total of 5,703,500 apps as of June 2016. How many of these apps do you have?

What devices are running all of those apps? Smartphones, cell phones, e-readers, tablets, and other types of computers. Do you have all of these devices?

Given all the adults in the United States, 64% owned a smartphone by October 2014. For many adults, particularly younger ones, a smartphone was their primary way to access the Internet.

Low-income younger adults, such as students, also tend to rely on their smartphones to connect to the Internet when they’re not in a campus computer lab, library, or local cafe that provides free Internet usage.

Furthermore, when surveyed, around 7% of adult smartphone users claimed to be dependent on their smartphones. Given the impressive number of apps that are available for smartphone users today, this is probably not surprising.

Are you curious what other types of mobile devices were owed by adults? While these numbers are definitely higher now, here are some figures from January 2014:

    Cell phone: 90%
    E-reader: 32%
    Tablet computer: 42%

Do you have one or more of the mobile devices above? What about your favorite mobile application? Or do you have several that you can’t live without?

When you have multiple devices and a must-have mobile application, you want your favorite mobile applications to work across all of your devices, right? That said, if you also have a business with an Internet presence, you want your site to be user-friendly across all these devices as well.

If you’ve just come up with a business proposal and are figuring out what to do next, consider software development outsourcing for these and other additional services:

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The next time someone asks you how many mobile apps you have, you can strike up a conversation on your must-haves.

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