5 Tips to Make Your PowerPoint Slides More Engaging

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Any PowerPoint services expert will tell you that the design of PowerPoint presentation slides is more important than you may realize. Sure, the information you?re discussing should be the main focus, but with a poorly designed presentation, few people in your audience will be able to follow.

Here are a few design tips to get you started.

  1. Consider the layout

    In the Western world, we read from left to right, top to bottom. Knowing this pattern is essential to creating an easy-to-read slide. By laying out your information in a certain way, you can guide a person?s eyes from one point to the next as you cover the information in your oral presentation. When you have a well-planned layout you gain more control over your presentation and the attention of your audience.
  2. Limit the text

    Forget proper grammar on your slides. Sentences are a major no-no. The purpose of a PowerPoint presentation is not to deliver your content line for line. It is to show supplementary images like pictures and graphs that highlight your verbal presentation and make it easier to follow. Your audience should not be reading your presentation as you speak, they should be listening. If you must include text, use it sparingly. Include bullet points or single words and phrases.
  3. Less is more

    This doesn?t just refer to text, but to ideas and images as well. Each slide should have just one main point. Don?t clutter your slides with too many pictures or more than one graph.
  4. Choose colors wisely

    Keep your color palette simple. Stick with light and dark colors. Avoid bright shades that will cause eye fatigue. Dark text on a light background is ideal.
  5. Consider readability

    For whatever text you do include, make sure it is featured in a legible font. Experts say that sans serif fonts like Helvetica are the easiest to read. Also, don?t use too may different fonts. Stick to just one or two. Most PowerPoint professionals agree that your font size should be no smaller than 30 pt.

If it all seems a bit overwhelming, don?t worry. You don?t have to do it alone. When you hire business presentation design services, a PowerPoint graphic designer will ensure that your slides are engaging, informative, and aesthetically pleasing. PowerPoint services like eSlide exist to help you deliver the best possible presentation.

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