Get More from Your PPC Ad Copy with These 4 Tips

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How happy are you with the results you are getting from your pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign? Advertising agency experts recommend reevaluating your ad copy and making changes to have a more impactful PPC campaign.

  1. Make your copy different. When people are looking at a lot of things that look very similar, they start too manyt options. People assume that having more choices is a good thing. In some ways, it can be. When it comes to marketing, it is a terrible thing, When confronted with too many options, people often get overwhelmed and have a hard time choosing. When this happens, a consumer’s eyes will glaze over and they will opt to do nothing. These are the consumers who walk into a store and back out without buying anything. What you need to do is make sure your copy does not look like every other ad that pops up in the same search. Search for your keywords and see what your competition looks like. Make changes to make sure your ads look different enough from the others to get the clicks you want.
  2. Always under promise and over deliver. Advertising agency experts say that the best ad campaigns only make promises that they can deliver. If you offer something in your ad copy and bring people to a landing page on your website but cannot honor the promise that got the person to click on the ad, the whole thing will backfire in the worst way. These are often called “click bait” and feel a lot like a bait and switch situation that will turn people off. Your ad copy is there to entice people to visit your site but when you make promises that you do not plan to follow through on, you damage your brand and destroy any trust potential customers and clients may have had in you, say marketing agency experts. The last thing you need is to weaken trust in your brand.
  3. Get the clicks you want. You want to get more clicks but you want those new visitors to buy something on your site, say advertising agency experts. The price point is often the most important thing that people consider when they are considering buying a product or service online. This means that when you do not have your price in your PPC ad copy, people may think they are interested in buying something from you but then they see how much it will cost and they change your mind. The problem is that the PPC system does not mean you only get charged when people buy from you but that only get charged when they click on your ad. One way to limit the clicks to people who are serious about buying from you is to list your price in your ad copy. This is a common strategy used by many advertising agencies.
  4. CTR is not the bet way to measure your success. Creative agency experts like to remind their clients that looking only at the click through rate (CTR). This should not be the main metric that is used to determine how well a PPC campaign is performing. A better way to measure how well your campaign is doing is to look at your profit per impression or conversions per impression. These can be better metrics to measure how well your campaign is doing because they show how many of the people who click on your PPC ads, go ahead and become customers. Because these metrics are not the standard ones that are used by services such as Google Analytics, you have to invest a little more time in putting them together. When you change the way you measure success with your PPC ad campaign, you can start to create ad copy that really generates leads and improves your bottom line.

Any advertising agency will tell you that no PPC marketing campaign is ever totally finished. Ad agencies for all kinds of marketing campaigns whether they are PPC campaigns, print ad campaigns or on TV, are always works in progress. You will always be changing, testing and improving your copy.

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