Make Sure You Hire the Right IT Support Company with These 5 Tips

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How safe is your company’s data from malware threats? Experts in information technology (IT) estimate that there are at least 82,000 new malware threats that emerge every day around the world. If you do not think your business is at risk, you need to think again. Protecting your business from these threats is a great reason to look to an IT support company to handle your company’s computer network and system. If you are looking to move your storage and other operations to a cloud based network, you have another reasons for outsourcing your IT support needs. A hybrid cloud strategy is used by about 82% of American businesses. Nearly 90% of those companies rely on these systems because they offer better accessibility, efficiency and are more cost effective than other technologies and options that are available.

Finding the right IT support company may seem like a daunting proposition but it does not need to be. These 5 Tips can help you get the right IT support company for your needs.

  1. Talk to people you know. You know other people in your industry who have used network consultants and other IT support services companies to handle the needs of their business when it comes to their computer networks and systems. Ask around about what companies and IT network consultants are used by the people who work in your industry or have similar companies to yours. Ask how they found their managed service provider, how much they pay for their services and what it is like working with them. Even if you do not end up hiring the same company as your contacts, this can help you start to put together a list of IT support companies that you may want to consider working with. One of the best ways to get decent goods and services is from a personal recommendation.
  2. Know what your needs are. It is hard to know if a company can help you with your computer and IT support services needs if you do not even know what they are yourself. Take a good look at what you need from your IT services company and your network. What do you need your systems to be able to do? Do you have an ecommerce site that you need to have help managing? Do you need help moving your operations to the cloud? Take some time and determine what your business needs from an IT support company and you will be in a better position to get the right one.
  3. Find a firm that knows your industry. When you have your list of IT support companies that you are going to talk to, interview them and find one that has a lot of experience working with other businesses in your industry. Companies with active ecommerce sites are going to have needs that are very different from law offices that need network setup services and IT support. Make sure they are willing to take the time to answer all of your questions. If they are not willing to answer questions before you hire them, they sure will not have the time after they have been hired.
  4. Hire a company that has a lot of questions for you. Companies that ask you a lot of questions are also great. That shows they want to do a good job and really help you grow your business. This also shows they have done some work on developing a plan for your business before they have even started working with your company. That is a good sign.
  5. Ask about help after hours and on the weekend. Your IT needs do not end when the clock strikes 5:00 pm or on the weekend. Systems can also crash at night and on the weekend. What is the IT support services company’s policy and pricing for emergencies and after business hours and on the weekend. Talk to the IT support companies about what they do when systems need attention during these times or if there is a sudden crash.

Finding the right IT support company takes some work and some effort but it will make a big difference for your company.

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