Five Statistics Every Small Business Owner Should Know About SEO

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Has your business considered using SEO services to establish your online brand and improve your brand recognition? Search engine optimization, or ‘SEO services’ for short, is becoming a staple in any successful digital marketing plan. This should come at no surprise. The numbers speak for themselves:

  1. Over 90% of purchases, whether they are made in a brick-and-mortar shop or online, are researched on the good ol’ world wide webs before any purchasing decision is made. This means that regardless of if your business generates income from online sales, or if your product or service is strictly exchanges in person, the new customers you are trying to reach are going to look online when they want to make a purchase.

  2. When your target market opens their browser to research your product or service, they are not going to head straight to your website and click “buy now.” No siree. Instead, 93% of the time they’ll open a search engine, like Google or Bing. They’ll ask that search engine for suggestions of websites about the product they’re looking for. In other words, if you want to reach new customers, 93% of the time, your best bet is to get on the “nice list” of the algorithm that the search engines use to suggest websites.

  3. Now, when your future customer enters their search query and then Google gives them a list of websites that fit it, somewhere around 80% of the time, they’ll block out anythings labeled “advertisement” and head straight to the organic search results.
  4. Of the organic search results, the higher the ranking it is listed in, the more likely it will be visited. For example, one-third of internet users will choose the first link. And then 18% of users will choose the following link. Each subsequent link will get less and less attention. If your website is unlucky enough to land on the second page of search results, there’s a 70% chance it won’t get any lovin’.
  5. This is where SEO services hit the scene. The point of SEO services is to build your website in a way that pleases the algorithm search engines use to improve your ranking when a potential customer opens their browser to research a product or service that your offer. The inner workings of SEO services is so expansive that we don’t have the time or the paper it spell it out today, but a few high-level SEO approaches include:
    1. Create SEO-centric content for your website. Using one of the many data services available, you determine the most common search terms that customers enter while searching for your product, and then incorporate those keywords into your website content. This draws the search spiders’ attention to your page when a customer uses those keywords.
    2. Update your content frequently, and make it engaging. A few stats that Google looks at while ranking sites is how current your content is, and what your bounce rate is. If you put your website together in 1995, and haven’t updated it since, Google isn’t going to think it’s relevant to users. Meanwhile, if your content is so uninteresting that users visit your site and then scram without clicking any links, Google says, “Hmm… this website must be snooze-ville.” and this poorly impacts your ranking. The instances of visitors abandoning your website without clicking anything is called your “bounce rate.”

    3. Utilize link building. Links that point to your website are like a neon sign to the algorithm robots, that says, “Party over here!” When several external sites point to your site, it can improve your ranking. However, those algorithm robots weren’t born yesterday. If you think you can trick the system and dump a million links on another site, they recognize your shadiness, and respond by removing your page from their index altogether. In other words, link-building is an awesome SEO tool, but you have to use it above the table, or it hurts you more than helps.

To sum it up, if you are a business owner, you probably subscribe to the theory that gaining new customers is a good thing. And if you are in that school of thought, using SEO services to amp up your online brand recognition is your best friend.

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