Hello? Communication Solutions are a Phone Call Away

Hosted phone systems

All any employee really wants is to pick up the phone when making or receiving calls. And it can be that simple, but there is more to streamlined phone systems for businesses and schools than meets the eye. One of the newest technologies is voice over IP or (VoIP). With VoIp technology, essentially, voice communications are delivered over the internet rather than over the public telephone network.
Never heard of VoIP? Well, even if it’s news to you, the VoIP industry was projected to grow over $76 billion by the end of 2015, and mobile VoIP is on track to hit nearly 1 billion users by 2018. The number of small office and home office market was expected to reach $262 million in 2015, which would be a 50% increase since 2011. And the reason this comes as a surprise to many, is that to individual employees using phone systems in their daily work, as long as they have uninterrupted and reliable service, what goes on behind the scenes can just remain behind the scenes. But there are many reasons companies or school districts should consider hiring a telecommunications leader to bring VoIP to their campus.
Advantages of VoIP

  • Less expensive
  • Stable
  • Secure

Less Expensive
VoIP can save a company between 20% and 50% on its monthly communications bill. It’s easy to see how that savings can be used for other needs or growth.
More reliable service is guaranteed when using a private internet telephony service provider (ITSP) over a public one.
Because communication is occurring over a private network, it is much more secure than when using public infrastructure.
Beyond the Phone
Other systems that companies and schools rely upon are video security systems. For businesses, theft and loss can be curbed up to 80% by using security camera systems. Video surveillance has also been shown to increase productivity. Sadly employee theft is also a problem, costing businesses between $20 and $40 billion a year. Video surveillance has been shown to curb this loss.
Video conferencing is a tremendous need in companies and schools. There are, on average, 11 million meeting a day taking place through video conferencing and VoIP services. Schools can use this technology to offer courses remotely to students from their own campus or to students across the country.
And finally, all these systems need to work seamlessly, and that’s where a company specializing in communication solutions can help. A company specializing in communications systems can provide phone systems, sure, but also so much more such as installing fiber structured cabling, video surveillance, and closed-circuit television. And when all these tools works reliably, businesses and schools can communicate better and that’s better for business and education.

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