Web Design and You — Is Your Website Built to Effectively Draw in Customers?

Internet marketing professionals

A well designed, concise website is one of the most important things a business can focus on. A website is one of the largest drivers of commerce, and gives businesses an opportunity to connect with their clients. It’s simple — a business that isn’t online is going to suffer untold amounts in their respective marketplace. How much can be gained by taking your business online? Well, consider the following data: there are over 100 billion global web searches being conducted each month. 93 percent of all web interactions begin with a search engine, meaning that most people don’t already know exactly what they’re browsing for. Search engines direct almost all web traffic, so it’s paramount to be online.

If you want people to find your business, a website is clearly your big opportunity. With so many billions of searches occurring every month, you’ll want a few of them to point to your site. This can be the difference between serving a few hundred people a month at a small storefront and serving a practically limitless customer base.

The work isn’t done once you have a website, though. With web development, there are more than a few things to consider once you do decide to take your business online. What do you want it to look like? How many different pages will it have? What’s the optimal amount of words per page, white space, and the like? Thankfully, that’s already been pinned down. Studies show that almost half of all people (46 percent) claim a website’s design to be their most important criteria when judging the professionalism of a company.

Web development takes a lot of consideration and effort. Luckily, since the Internet is so popular, virtually every step of the process has been streamlined and made easy for the everyman. You don’t necessarily have to spend big for these services, either. Many web designers started as hobbyists, and work alone on building websites for people. One thing they are expected to know inside and out is the practice of SEO, or “search engine optimization” — this is what helps your site rank highly on search engines so people can find your page.

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