Why You Shouldn’t Discount Print Communications As An Effective Marketing Strategy For Your Business

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Despite the rise of the Internet, there is certainly value to print communication being an effective way to reach consumers effectively. Commercial printing companies certainly think so, with almost 30 million business cards being printed every day and businesses engaging in direct mail marketing strategies. Physical fliers, banner printing, and direct mail marketing have proven throughout time that they’re an effective method of advertising and that hasn’t changed even with more business being conducted on the Internet. Think about how many banners or fliers you walk by in your neighborhood or workplace — even if you’re not consciously reading them, they’ll capture your attention if you’re waiting in line, waiting for the traffic light to change, or trying to kill time. Commercial printing companies count on businesses hiring them to create a high volume and effective placement to reach customers.
What Place Does Physical Advertising Have In Today’s Society?
Although digital printing or advertising can be very eyecatching and sensational, there is certainly something to be said for good old-fashioned print advertising. A colorful or large banner advertising a big sale or the opening of a new business will still catch the attention of passerby and other traffic. Businesses are aware of this as well — over 75% of small businesses say that they’ll ideally use a combination of print and digital communication for their perfect marketing strategy. In 2014, companies spent almost $45 billion on direct mail marketing. And compared to other forms of marketing, such as television, newspaper ads, or radio advertisements, outdoor advertising (like banners or signs) can be much less expensive. it costs on average 80% less than TV ads, 60% less than advertising with a newspaper, and 50% less than radio ads.
How Effective Is Print Marketing?
Some people may be surprised to know how effective print marketing is, although commercial print companies count on their effectiveness when selling their services to other businesses. Print marketing has a sticking power that digital marketing often doesn’t have — you can see a digital sign on a building or in a store and simply walk away from it. However, receiving a promotional gift, such as a calendar can help remind consumers that the company exists. Indeed, consumers will usually keep a promo calendar the entire year once they receive it and almost 85% of Americans are more likely to remember a company’s name if they get a gift with that logo on it.
Furthermore, unlike emails or other digital advertising that can be easily be dismissed or gotten rid of, print mail tends to linger. Over 70% of consumers in the United States said they actually like getting direct mail for brand communications because they can go over the information when they have time. There’s also a certain thrill to getting mail (even if it is just ads) — over 60% of Americans like checking their mailbox and receiving post. The other bonus to using commercial printing companies for direct mail marketing is the time that the advertisements end up in the home. Once it’s brought in, around 80% of people will sort the mail immediately and deal with it and a little under 20% will sort it later in the day. Even if the advertisements end up getting thrown out, someone still has to read it and see if it is in fact, junk. If it’s colorful and interesting enough, others may pick it up out of curiosity.
What Services Can Commercial Printing Companies Offer?
Commercial printing companies can offer services as wide as sending out actual promotional newsletters, brochures, or advertisements to creating custom letterhead, business cards, or envelopes. Some printing companies can do large format printing or wide format printing. Banner printing may also be possible, depending on the printing company. If you need rush printing, some printing companies may be able to offer expedited services or even 24/7 printing services.
It’s important to not discount physical printing companies as a means of marketing. You may be surprised by the impact they can have to sell your goods or services to the public.

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