Tailor the Cloud to Your Company’s Specific Needs

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Do you use the cloud to hold your personal photographs, writings, and other notes? Companies are certainly realizing the benefits of giving employees on-demand access to a network of data and resources, as about 59% use cloud communications across different departments and platforms. But is the cloud a one-size fits all? Or are there options? In short, yes, it is possible. Cloud services brokerage allows for a third party to come in and adjust the cloud capabilities to meet the needs of the company.

Research from one study found that 35% of IT (information technology) services are partially or fully provided by the cloud. And the IT department is the most trusted section to implement the cloud across applications. When deciding on the actual purchase, it has been found that in 70% of companies the chief intelligence officer, or CIO, or the head of the IT department have a say in the purchasing process.

Cloud services brokerage essentially provides cloud consultants to help a company make the transition from their old system of accessing information. While it would seem straightforward, it is always a good idea to have more information than you think people will need when introducing a new way of doing things. You never know when something needs to be explained in full to someone who just cannot grasp the simplified version.

As time goes on and more and more companies recognize the easy benefits of using the cloud, it suggests that one day the old way of doing things will go the way of the VHS tape. But until that time, there is a need for cloud service brokerage to help companies make the switch. One day perhaps, cloud services brokerage will successfully provide each and every company with a tailor-made cloud. It is not exactly a far-off future to imagine.

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