You Won’t Believe How Many People Apple has Working on Their Cameras!

Digital cameras with dsc

Do you remember back when there was no such thing as smartphones? Cell phones had one purpose ? and that was to make calls. As technology advanced over the years, cell phones kept getting “smarter” with exciting features and add-ons in every new model. Since the installation of cameras in cell phones, the world began using their phone as a multipurpose piece of technology far beyond just making phone calls.
Aside from the many applications on smartphones like maps and navigation, games, and lifestyle tools, the smartphone camera continues to keep up with the ever-changing technological trends. Cell phone cameras used to be synonymous with gritty, poor quality pictures, but as the megapixel count keeps climbing, many question the use of a smartphone camera vs digital camera.
As seen in an article from, smartphone manufacturers are taking the phone camera to the next level. An episode of 60 Minutes focused on Apple and the company?s operations. An interesting fact arose from the discussion: Apple says there is a team of 800 people solely dedicated to working on the iPhone?s camera.
An Apple representative explained there are over 200 individual parts in the iPhone?s camera model as he demonstrated some of the camera?s functions. When looking at a smartphone camera vs digital camera, the technology is comparable. Both offer high performance options and settings to adjust to a variety of different scenarios such as low light or fast motion for the best photo possible.Of course, when looking at a smartphone camera vs dslr digital camera, you won’t get as high quality images, but Apple is working to rival their more expensive, handheld camera counterparts.
It seems as if Apple wants to discourage people from buying a digital camera. The size of Apple’s camera team shows you that improving their camera has risen to top priority. Apple has built entire ad campaigns around the iPhone’s camera, showing that you don’t need a fancy camera to produce beautiful photographs.
Proponents of digital cameras will always argue that DSLR’s are the best when it comes to picture quality, but it seems as if smartphone camera quality may not be too far behind. Where do you stand in the smartphone camera vs digital camera debate? Leave a comment below!

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