How Smart Phones Are Changing the Way We Shop

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The popularity of smart phones grew rapidly. Cell phone users today can hardly stand the thought of being without one for even a day. The convenience of apps and of having the internet at one’s fingertips is addictive, and the numbers prove it. In the U.S. alone, their are about 12 billion searches every month. It has never been easier to find an answer for where the nearest gas station is or which store has the lowest price. Customers especially appreciate that they can complete their holiday shopping when it is convenient for them, without worrying about store hours.

So, just how many people are turning to the internet before heading to a brick and mortar store? It turns out when customers use their mobile phone to search for a local store, 50% of customers will visit the store within 24 hours. And 18% of searches conducted on a mobile phone result in a purchase being made. When customers know what they are looking for and are able to find it, they buy. But there are many sites with similar offerings, sometimes hundreds of sites where a customer can find a product or service. How can one company stand out amongst the rest?

You may have heard of search engine optimization, or SEO for short. The SEO services list is not long. SEO companies are hired to help a company improve their online visibility. This is accomplished through expert techniques that have proven results. Search engine optimization basics are about creating quality engaging content and using targeted algorithms to bring people the best results, while putting your company right at the top of the returned hits list.

Companies with an SEO services list will have simple terms to help their potential clients understand what they can do for them. But that SEO services list is meant to simplify things, as an SEO company, a good one, is dedicated to getting results. Internet searches done on a mobile phone are a different beast then those on a desktop. The first few returns are the early bird that get the worm, or buyer, as the case may be.

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