Printing Services Are Your Marketing Dream Come True!

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Is your company using printing services to their full potential? have you thought about how they could change your marketing strategy and allow you to reach more customers and increase your revenue? In today’s market, printing services aren’t just used for mass mailings anymore. There are so many items and strategies to choose from! Here are just three of the biggest uses for commercial printing today:

1. Marketing – Today, nearly 80% of American small businesses say that their ideal marketing strategy typically encompasses a combination of both print and digital media. For a lot of companies this decision comes down to cost. For instance, outdoor marketing (like signs and billboards) costs 80% less than television marketing, 60% less than newspaper marketing, and 50% less than radio. If you aren’t utilizing print media for your current marketing strategies then perhaps it’s time that you try!

2. Promotional Gifts – Have you ever been at an outdoor festival, trade show, or another event where you have received some sort of fun promotional item with a company’s name on it? These items range from bottle openers, stress balls, and chap-stick, to paperweights, magnets, and notepads. The good news is that these promotional items really work. In fact, 84% of Americans say that they retain a company’s name when they receive promotional items with the company’s logo on it. The next time you assess your need for printing services think about what promotional item would work best for you!

3. Advertisements – Have you seen any really clever advertisements lately? Nearly half of a group recently polled said that car wraps are the most unique advertising medium available right now. Did you know that printing services can help with that? Maybe you have a company car that employees drive around your city or region constantly, but it doesn’t represent your company or product – why not use that as a mobile advertisement?

As you can probably tell, printing services can really change the way your customers see your business. There are so many options that weren’t covered here that may be a better fit for your company or product. Ask to see a catalog of products at your local printing services shop and you’ll be shocked to see how much is offered. If you are envisioning a promotional item or advertisement that isn’t listed in their catalog don’t hesitate to ask. Remember, they are the experts and they have the skills and training necessary to make your dreams a reality.

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