Cloud Services Brokerage Made So Simple a 5 Year Old Could Understand

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If you work in the tech sector, especially in cloud computing, then it’s easy to forget that the average consumer isn’t completely fluent in the latest technobabble. Even experienced IT executives and CIOs can have trouble understanding all the latest trends and terms in the cloud marketplace. Lately, when we’ve recommended Cloud Services Brokerage to managers, we’ve gotten nothing but blank stares.

That means it’s time to demystify cloud services brokerage. We’ll admit we have a selfish motivation, we’re sick and tired of answering the question, “What is Cloud Services Brokerage anyway?” So how can we explain how cloud service broker companies work in language so simple even a five-year-old kid could understand?

Well, that might be overly ambitious. We don’t know many kindergarten students who have a firm background in Infrastructure-as-a-Service or cloud migration blueprints. But we can explain it in language so simple that any CIO or IT worker can understand once and for all.

Demystifying Cloud Brokerage Services…

As the name suggests, this market is primarily based on a broker business model. The cloud market contains some of the biggest players in the tech industry today. There’s Amazon Web Services, Cisco, SalesForce, Google, Adobe, Verizon, and on and on. Cloud brokers allow their clients to have their pick from the best providers in the market, and then leverage the broker’s superior buying power to get lower prices.

However, the BEST cloud services brokerage firms offer true end-to-end cloud migration solutions. That means they don’t just broker the cheapest data storage contracts, they help manage the entire process of migrating IT services and data backup and recovery to a cloud-based network. So in addition to securing the most favorable contracts with cloud providers, they also help guide the organization through the actual migration itself.

Plus, the best cloud brokerage services can help their clients integrate multiple cloud providers into a single platform, with a single billing service. This means firms can pick and choose the best software for their needs, then fuse them all together into one umbrella network.

So think of cloud services brokerage as a combination of traditional broker service, as well as custom optimization, ongoing support, and one-stop-shop billing.

Now try explaining that to a five year old!

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