5 Things You Never Knew a Pharmacy POS System Could Do

Pharmacy retail software

Most people are familiar with the basic functions of a POS system: To make transactions, returns, and exchanging for both cash and credit card/debit card purchases. But if you operate your own small pharmacy, you might just be surprised by how many additional features you’ll find with retail pharmacy POS systems. For starters:

  • Product inventory. This will help you track when products get low — which is incredibly useful for a small business that doesn’t have too much extra shelf space in the front, nor extra storage space in the back, for extra items.

  • Track sales trends. Good POS systems will allow you to track and analyze sales data in real-time so that you always know what’s going on with your business. This will help you figure out product trends over a long period of time, making it easier to figure out which products your customers want and when those products are in highest demand. In the short term, this feature allows you to track individual sales or promotions.

  • Customer loyalty programs. This is really important for small pharmacies to consider adding to their business! Most national chain stores have extensive customer loyalty programs, which your store probably doesn’t need, but you’ll definitely benefit from having a simple rewards program for your customers.

  • Maintain state and federal security regulations. With features like encrypted card swiping and electronic signature capturing, you can be sure that every transaction — whether it’s for a prescription or for a pack of gum — is processed securely and is filed away should any discrepancies occur. This doesn’t just keep your business safe from virtual hackers — it also keeps your customers safe.

  • Go mobile! Did you know that you can actually find mobile POS systems that work exactly like traditional POS systems? This is a great option for small pharmacies that can’t afford a building with drive-through window. It also gives you more shelf space to display products, and it makes your staff a bit more approachable.

So what exactly can a new POS system do for your small pharmacy?

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