What IT Managed Services Companies Can Do for You

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Information technology (IT) consulting companies provide businesses with valuable services. Business IT consulting companies do a lot to help companies of all sizes deal with their computer network security. In 2012, approximately 87% of American small businesses were targeted and suffered a security breach. Most of these breaches (80%) were caused by bad or weak passwords. Many (between 75% and 80%) of the actions that led to the breaches came from within. The best way to avoid attacks on a business computer network is a robust IT audit. More and more companies are looking to outside IT managed services companies to handle their internal IT to perform audits of their system and then make sure their systems are maintained.

The IT managed services model is relatively new. When IT project management services companies first started, they operated under what is called the ?break-fix? model. Businesses did not have the kind of IT department they have today. When computer problems arose, they would call in a computer support company to go in and fix them. This left companies vulnerable to continued problems. Also, waiting for a problem to occur and the system to crash meant that companies had to deal with a lot of downtime, which is very costly.

The old adage, ?an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,? is very applicable here. IT companies saw this and started offering IT managed services. In this model, businesses hire an outside firm to provide onsite computer services. By properly maintaining a backing up a computer network, problems (and the downtime that accompanies them) are prevented. This costs a lot less than the ?break-fix? model and is now the model employed by businesses of all sizes all over the country.

IT managed services are a much more cost effective way for companies to handle their computer networks. This may be counterintuitive but IT managed services actually are cheaper than just calling these companies in when there are problems to fix. Using the ?break-fix? model is a lot like relying on the emergency room for health care. You can do that but it much more cost effective to have a primary care doctor who knows you and can head off major health problems before they occur.

IT companies prefer to handle computer services with IT managed services because it puts them in a better position to do a good job for their clients. When the IT firm can really work with a business on their IT needs and their work is fully integrated into the business?s day to day work, they are able to more effectively manage the network and keep it running smoothly. Under the ?breaK-fix? model, these firms have to wait for something to break to do anything. This results in a catch-22 and puts them in the position of hoping something will go wrong with their client?s system. Under the IT managed services model, they can charge a smaller amount to just maintain a network.

The other part of why the IT managed services model is better is businesses do not have to worry about the IT outages that they deal with under the ?break-fix? model and this saves them money by preventing downtime.

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