The Rise of Social Photography

Digital camera in

Does anybody remember how much fun disposable cameras were? I guess you can still find them in camera stores and photo stores, but for the most part, film is being phased out completely with the recent updates to the digital camera. They make digital cameras with all kinds of features, like filters, network sharing, image enhancement software, and more. But do they make digital cameras with the consumer in mind, or the photographer?

With the spread of smartphone photography, we see a nod to the disposable film camera, and the instant film camera, which helped to bring an element of social connectivity and adventure to photography. While the digital SLR cameras may be perfect for portraiture and quick-paced moments, when it comes to social photography, nothing tops the cell phone. It’s right there when you need it, whether it’s you and your friends at a football game, out on a boat, off for a hike, or wherever. This makes it easier than ever to document your memories in a simple, quick way, the way only the disposable camera used to.

With photo sharing apps on the rise, does this mean the end to classic film photography and photo prints? Not necessarily. The key to maintaining our photographic humanity is by taking these moments and bringing them to life. You can have your photos printed same day, easier than ever before, at most photo centers, which can help you to bring those digital moments to life in print, just like the good old days.

Keep your photos close to your heart, and don’t let the wave of photo-sharing media detract from the miracle that is the photographic image. After all, these are your memories, and you’ll want to be able to cherish them for years and years to come. (And maybe, just maybe, go pick up a disposable camera and see what kind of adventures you can find.) Read more like this.

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