Three Reasons to Consider Cloud Broker Services for Your Business

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The past few years have shown a significant increase in the usage of the cloud as a reliable, easily-accessible storage area, particularly for government and big business. The convenience of the cloud cannot be denied, but neither can one turn a blind eye to the subsequent need for cloud broker services. These broker services can offer important necessities like a cloud security assessment to insure all important files remain protected. However, some may wonder if such an investment is necessary, if usage of the cloud has any sustainability going forward. The following illuminates the viability and importance of cloud usage now and going into the future, thus the need for cloud broker services.

1. Current Cloud Usage

Cloud usage for file hosting and sharing has become invaluable to enterprise and big businesses. As many as 59% of large enterprises and businesses use cloud storage to improve movement and integration between operations, as well as to share seamlessly across applications. Many versions of the cloud are used by businesses as well, with 60% using the public, 57% using private and 19% using some hybrid service. What’s more, research has found that about 35% of IT services are delivered either totally or partially by cloud. These businesses would no doubt benefit from professional cloud broker services to ensure the organization and safety of their cloud usage.

2. Cloud Investment

The amount of collective investment in professional cloud usage is really nothing to scoff at, and only growing more significant as time passes. As many as 52% of organizations have updated their cloud service or plan to do so in the coming months, continuing their subscription to the convenience of this resource. Currently, 49% of companies invest in and develop IT training and security talent for the cloud, improving the success rate of cloud screening within the organization. The cloud is very much a service of convenience worth the necessary investment.

3. The Future of Cloud Usage

Cloud usage going forward seems very promising. The prediction for the global market for cloud equipment is $79,100,000,000 by 2018. The International Data Corporation sees the likelihood of public cloud spending increasing from $40,000,000,000 in 2012 to 100,000,000,000 by 2016. Even for those who haven’t yet adapted this service, 48% of enterprise respondents plan to adopt hybrid cloud services at some point in the future. This will mean great business for cloud broker companies in the coming years.

Because of the undeniable convenience of the cloud and its growing popularity as a file hosting service, businesses would do well to partner with and utilize the services of cloud broker services to make sure their files are managed properly.

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