5 Essential Definitions of Website Development

What is magento

Website designers are some of the most knowledgeable people around when it comes to the smallest details of designing a website — but there’s so much jargon in this industry that even when you turn to website designers for help with your own website, it can be pretty confusing! With that in mind, here are a few of the most essential terms you need to know about designing and developing a website:

  • Website hosting: This term refers to the software program used by the website developers to create a website. It’s easy to think about websites as pages just fly around space, but they actually have to be anchored down somehow! A hosting service provides you with the template and storage space for a website.

  • Web applications: The web application in a content management system is a software application used by the client to access the management program online. Web applications typically run in internet browsers like what you already use on your standard computer.

  • Web portals: These are a bit complicated to explain, but the most basic definition of a web portal is that it bring together information from a variety of locations and then organizes all of that information in an organized and sensible way. If you use a dashboard system for your job, you’ve already been using a web portal without knowing it!

  • WordPress hosting: This is definitely the most popular website content management system around. WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL, and it has plenty of features, like different themes and WordPress widgets, to create a unique website. Other content management programs include Sitecore hosting, Sitefinity hosting, and Magento.

  • Joomla hosting: Joomla is another popular content management hosting program, and it’s the second most popular system after WordPress. It’s a little bit newer than WordPress and doesn’t have all the same features, but one important feature is that the application can run offline.

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