How IT Systems Can Save Your Business From Digital Threats

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Taking your business to the net is both a scary and exciting venture. With more breaches of security each subsequent year, the question of security and dependability on the net becomes an all too real one. With proper IT systems like security systems, network design, and general information technology services, your business can thrive with the peace of mind that IT systems are protecting your digital business assets.

Network Security
In the year 2013 alone, nearly 43% of companies experienced some form of data loss due to a breach in network security systems. Most companies are attacked an average of 16,856 times per year, with many such breaches resulting in what can be deemed as a significant breach. Breaches cost the companies thousands, with 29% of funds going to reputation and brand management, 21% going towards lost productivity, 19% for lost revenue, 12% for forensic research, 10% for tech support, and compliance regulatory costs which is responsible for a remaining 8%. IT systems are in place to protect your company assets, from intruders and employees alike; surprisingly it is employees who are most often to blame for data breaches.

File Storage and Protection
Sharing and transferring files is easier than ever thanks to file storage like the Cloud system. Surprisingly only 29% of businesses say that they use the public Cloud, although it is an affordable data storage site. IT systems can help your business maintain a file sharing system based on the Cloud. With their continued support, you can ensure that they can help cut back on the 29% of data loss errors that are the result of human error. By having IT systems maintain your security and file sharing, your business will be better secured against potential thieves and hackers looking to compromise your business’ data.

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