There’s a Massive Change Coming to the World of SEO

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“SEO is about to see the most dramatic change in over a decade,” or so says in an August 13 blog post.

So what exactly is this imminent development set to turn SEO on its head? Any SEO company that’s been closely watching Google in recent years knows that the search giant has been increasingly focused on mobile-friendly websites. And many SEO services now believe this is simply the opening steps in integrating mobile-only websites with the larger World Wide Web. In effect, mobile-only apps like Uber will soon be fully integrated into search results. That means if your a small business invested in local SEO strategies, you might soon be facing new competition in the search results.

Fortunately, if that development scares you, the change isn’t completely imminent, and it could still be years before Google begins testing new search protocols.

VentureBeat and many SEO consultants believe that Google is planning to more closely fuse its search engine with its Android system and app store. If the change goes into effect, app content will be searchable in the same way that your websites pages are, and you’ll be sharing space in the search results. So if you thought updating your site to be mobile-friendly was a chore, just wait until your competing with Silicon Valley app developers for space on page one.

There’s also a silver lining to this development, one that could benefit the entire Internet, from your local SEO company to major Silicon Valley firms. Google isn’t the only major player looking to combine mobile apps and search; Apple is also getting into the search game, fusing its popular app store with a new search feature.

And as one of the largest companies in the world, Apple might be able to offer something the Web desperately needs: a genuine competitor for Google. Ultimately, if there’s more than one company competing in the search engine market, small businesses will be better placed than they are in the current Google-only era. Because as any SEO company can tell you, Google’s effective monopoly on search only has one real winner, Google itself.

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