Three Dire Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making When Shooting

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Point and shoot digital cameras are more than capable of taking quality pictures, just so long as the photographers wielding them are careful. There are tons of little mistakes that can be made as easily as they can be avoided. Here are just a few.

Not Getting Close Enough.

If you see something that you think would make an awesome photo, you’re going to need to get close to it. Though it might look great from your perspective, it’s going to look like you’re shooting from farther away. You could always zoom in, but this lowers the quality. The best way to get the shot you want is to get up close and personal.

Failing to Focus.

It sounds basic, but you have to focus your camera before you shoot. A lot of point and shoots come with an auto-focus, but those programs are pretty unreliable. Instead, simply half-press the shutter button to focus your camera. It’s also a good idea to try to get into the optimal focal length of your camera. Moving too far away will make the camera think it needs to get everything, while moving too close won’t let the camera focus at all. The best way to find this focal length is to experiment, moving as close as you need to to get that right shot.

Only Shooting at Eye Level.

There are so many different perspectives you can shoot at, so why just shoot at eye level? You can choose to shoot looking up at something, which makes the subject look all the larger, and more imposing. Conversely, you can shoot looking down at your subject, which might make it look more diminutive. Although it’s called a point and shoot, don’t just point and shoot. Stop and think, and maybe get try looking at the subject from a new perspective.

Amateur photographers don’t really need the best, most expensive equipment online digital camera stores have to offer to take awesome shots. They just have to avoid making careless mistakes with their point and shoot digital cameras. That, and a lot of practice.
If you know of any other mistakes commonly made when using point and shoot digital cameras, feel free to share in the comments.

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