A Two Pronged IT Hack For Your Small Business

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More and more these days anyone doing business runs up against a learning curve like a brick wall when it comes to the technical side of things. Even small businesses operating on supposed user friendly site hosting platforms or with paypal run into problems that might be small for a specialist but take a lot of time and money trying to fix on one’s own. This can lead to customer service issues that make you look unprofessional on the virtual end and ultimately cost the company revenue. If you are a small business owner but IT and technology is beyond you, we recommend considering the following two-pronged initiative:
Consider Outsourced IT Support For Your Small Business
Outsourcing has gotten a bad rap over the years, but it is quickly becoming the norm in IT for a reason. Today, around 1/3rd of American businesses outsource their IT department because outsourcing allows a company to focus on their own specialties while leaving IT to the IT partner. A lot of people worry about quality suffering with outsourcing, but in the world of IT consulting the opposite is true because IT firms make their living entirely through streamlining your web presence. Their business literally depends on making your business prosper over the internet. This is especially true with website bugs and your customers’ experience with the virtual interface. Outsourcing IT work is also a lot cheaper in the long run than spending time and payroll money training existing members of staff who are also juggling their original job duties.
Ask Your IT Consultant About Managed Hosting Providers
Managed hosting providers are simply website hosting companies that take care of most of the back end work for your website and sometimes offer additional features, such as beefed up firewall protection, email protection, and expert virus scans. The reason “managed hosting” is such an ambiguous phrase has to do with the fact that not all managed hosting providers are created equal, since they usually offer different “extras”. A good IT consultant can educate you and your employees on the basics of managed hosting and recommend hosts that fit your company’s needs for the best price.
We are confident that with a good IT advisor and a managed, regulated web hosting package, you will be well on your way to an excellent web presence. And remember, in today’s world of ubiquitous mobile technology and tablets the size of your watch face, no business is too archaic to benefit from a website!

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