Australia Turns to New Leak Detection Methods to Check Product Integrity

Leak test equipment

When it comes to threats facing Australia, many outsiders likely think of the country’s famously diverse amount of dangerous insects, snakes and other organisms. However, as a whole, the nations faces a much bigger threat when it comes to food production: due to global warming, drought, low soil fertility and other problems, agriculture has declined significantly over the past several decades, and the industry is currently one of most trade-exposed in the country. Due to its relative isolation, Australia also imports a high amount of its processed goods. Because of this, package integrity in the country’s food industry is an important concern to prevent costly recalls, protect consumers, and more. Fortunately, new leak testing and container closure integrity testing methods are being introduced in the region to help promote the quality assurance of a variety of food products.

Traditionally, food production has relied on visual checks or water-based leak testing services, which are used randomly and can either miss problems or destroy the product. This can be extremely problematic: if food is not properly hermetically-sealed, it can lead to spoilage, loss of shelf-life, and poor appearance, reducing sales. Fortunately, Australian food producers are now turning to leak testing services which use either hydrogen or air as the tracer gas. These leak detection systems can test all products quickly and allows faulty packages to be easily removed from the production line. The new tests can also reduce spoilage and environmental impact because only the individually spoiled packages need to be removed, as opposed to the entire batch.

The only risk of using these new types of leak testing services seems to come down to public perception: many people are understandably concerned about even the packaging of their food being subjected to gases like hydrogen. For this reason, a number of companies prefer air leak tests, which are clearly non-toxic and highly effective. This type of leak detection not only calms consumers, but also helps the companies, as this type of tracer gas is usually more affordable than other options. As Australia works to improve its agriculture and food production industries, these benefits will no doubt benefit millions of people around the country.

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